AFP talks “The Art of Asking” at TED 2013

On February 27th, Amanda Palmer took the TED stage in Long Beach, California.
Today, we are proud the present Amanda’s inspirational “TED Talk” in its entirety! In the words of TED curator Chris Anderson, it’s “absolutely awesome”. Watch below to see her open a beautiful dialog on art, the state of the music industry, connection, and trust.

Click HERE to watch on or HERE to watch on YouTube

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What some people have said:
• “Amanda Palmer wins TED.” – Mashable (the awesome indie website dedicated to news & resources)
• “A gorgeous talk.” – Susan Cain (author)
• “Fascinating, poignant and innovative.” – Tony Hawk (professional skateboarder)
• “Amanda Palmer just blew me away at TED.” – Brené Brown (professor & author)
• “The best talk so far, by far.” – Maria Popova (blogger)
• “Fantastically insightful.” – Lee Kemp (director)
• “I have never been happier or prouder.” – Neil Gaiman (author & moxy)
• “I’m a capitalist and I loved your talk!” – A guy in a suit (speaking to AFP at a bar)

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