Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Quartet for Dolores

i found out dolores o’riordon died when i was visiting new orleans, and i was in the midst of preparing for a huge video shoot and a show. i texted jherek the minute i found out. this moment called to us, loudly. jherek had already done an arrangement of “zombie” a few years ago, and my mind was made up before even considering which songs to pick, and before going to the internet to ask for people’s favorites: “zombie” and “no need to argue”. these two songs were the perfect pieces of music to cry goodbye to this incredible woman. read the full backstory here.

100% of proceeds from digital downloads go to Chernobyl Children International (, a charity close to dolores’ heart. read more about the making of these songs and support the creation of MORE ART on

vocals: amanda palmer
background vocals on “no need to argue”: zoe boekbinder
quartet arranged, produced, and recorded by jherek bischoff

violin: paris hurley
viola: marta sofia honer
cello: aniela marie perry
upright bass: jherek bischoff
song mixed and mastered by jherek bischoff @ elbo studios in los angeles.
vocals recorded by mike napalitano in new orleans, lousiana.

released January 26, 2018

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