Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way

so: i have been working on this song and video (with countless collaborators) for almost a full year, and it’s time has come.

it’s a deeply emotional one for me…i was two weeks from giving birth to ash when i saw (as i’m sure you did) the photo of the little aylan kurdi, a syrian refugee, washed up on the shores of turkey. it inspired a song, which inspired a collaboration with an artist from spain, which inspired us to reach out to the fanbase to help create a video.

the song is vocal and piano with an additional heart-breaking string arrangement by the always-amazing jherek bischoff. the video was directed by abel azcona and features a lot of members of our UK and european community. NPR premiered the video it on their “all songs considering” channel, and if you’re a patron, you already got the links with downloads & bonus content.

this is also my only PHYSICAL-music offering of the season…we’ve pressed this song (and a surprise B-side, coming soon!) into a beautiful 7-inch with art by andrew nelson. patrons will get first crack at the 7-inch and if there are copies left, we’ll sell them to the public.

100% of digital proceeds from this song until nov 30st, and 10% of profits from this 7” record, will go to a dutch NGO called Because We Carry – i worked with them when i was over in lezvos gathering information about the refugee crisis. if you are moved by the video and feel like making a stand-alone donation, i know they’d be grateful. i spoke with steffi de pous, who runs the NGO and she is beside herself that we are going to be able to donate right now. she said the situation there is becoming dire – winter is coming, there isn’t enough help, and over 100 people are arriving every day by boat. 60% of them are children. i have no words. we will do what we can. that is all we can do.



written by amanda palmer
piano & vocals – amanda palmer
piano & vocal track recorded live at midnight @ the MONA museum in tasmania, australia (nolan gallery)
engineer – michael shelley

strings recorded by jherek bischoff @ a strange house in dusseldorf
violin – zuzana leharová
viola – radek stawarz
cello – nathan bontrager
arranged, mixed and mastered by jherek bischoff
published by kobalt music group

...i borrowed the above phrase from my friend maria popova's blog ( - it's awesome)...i think the phrase pretty much explains itself. i put a lot of time and effort into this blog and want you to have it and read it for free. if you want to give me some help for the time and effort, THANK YOU. you can either kick me back directly through paypal using the button below, or if you want to take some MUSIC TOO (even better, yay!) go to the store section and kick me back through paying what you want for an album or a song.

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