LIVE: AFP Appearances in Melbourne!

AFP in Melbourne!

The Dolls’ Reunion Tour may be over, but Amanda Fucking Palmer isn’t finished with Australia just yet.  We’re announcing two more appearances later this month.  On February 17th, Melbourners can catch AFP at Federation Square for the Sustainable Living Festival 2012.  This free, all ages show will feature a special ukulele only set.  Then, on the 19th, Amanda will be make a guest appearance at The Thornbury Theatre for Women of Letters.  Tickets for this event should go quickly, so go HERE and reserve your spot.

Stay tuned to the upcoming shows page and be sure to follow AFP on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest! 

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12 Responses to “LIVE: AFP Appearances in Melbourne!”

  1. Bluediangelistasinger

    thankyou to all the brothers and sisters who made a trip to meet lupe and lisa..peace be with you..i have a job interview at pollo loco on vernon and avalon today at two..but i’ll be down at lupes by three or four with ‘strictly personal’ by captain befeefee blowin out my little emerson (not total immersion) cd machine off to the side,watching the dollar sale merchandise..(this is emilio the normal)


      ‘we’re all brothers on tomorowww..’we don’t need to walk wedon’t need to talk on TOMORROW’

  2. Bluediangelistasinger

    the toy guitars are very,well,toy-ee….but for eight bucks..ukies go from 39.oo for a hohner or a harmony all the way up to five hunnid…amanda,it sounds ok for three strings,plus the bridge is a movable one which helps to intone.the pitch is guess work…but ithink the two of us could pick out ‘safe as milk’ and ‘kandy korn’ we need a bass speaker,i mean some one who speaks basso-ee for ‘on tomorrow’…but the album strictly personal is only thirty nine minutes long…could someone e mail me all of the lyrics to those three songs?i;m an agoraphobe so i pretty much stay put on the internet.i don’t talk to robert ipp.i’m getting my disabled money this month,and i’m probably moving to pacific and florence(kinda east) in may..lupe wants me to buy my own microwave and fridge,which is ok with me….here’s a gospel song…oh gotta go

    • Slickrick

      pastor davis,at my sober living has the first name of anthony but that will only confound the reader as my protegeslash psychopathic ex friend now transcendental lover also has the first name of anthony.minister davis has the bass voice that we need and is a real crip a soul brother supreme and laughs like a santeria priest.young anthony is a true punk rocker.he looks like a nerd bird and is like tickle me emo phillips on datura weed.

      • Emilymotherfuckingdickinson

        amnanda i know it sounds really brainy but this captain beefheart project will only take eleven more months and by 20013 we’ll be rockin the hills villa and A- ok with the rest of’s in memory of jennifer and emily  mendias .we just take a creaky little boom box and two toy guitar to the twoers every morning and greet our participants…i’ve already basically done this..ask tremenda on was worth doing a gain.i parked my couch at the twoers and graffitied the sidewalk with my true love’s name…the towers are ripe for polite haitian voodoo rituals one of the gaurds imet is from haiti and the other one is named,tangent.she physically remove my couch and made a hell of a lot of noise in the sounded like gunshots…but she did it like an old pro.she must have seen me coming..i think she was hiding in the trees…she’s awesome…we have to be courteos to the neighbors…they spend their days selling folk art and their nights talking shit on the front porch…they know the law of the’s ‘find a good couch,and roll with it’.

  3. Kazualkazh

    the devil he surrender
    cause nobody does it bettah
    jesus you are the answer
    jesus you cured my cancer
    well so you didn’t but it’s a ‘right
    cause i still have faith cause i still have faith
    and life without faith is eternal night
    in heaven or hell everything’s ok
    piano instrumental 
    morris two moris one LA LA LA LA LALA DA DA DA DA DA
    doop dooby daht dah…la la la la la la ,
    la la la la la

  4. Bluediangelistasinger

    i also think the whole world needs to see a great work in progress…that would be…ME.. .do1re3 mi/fa6so8la10ti/do.…….
     i’m moving out on my own in april…into lupe’s garage on florence and pacific(to be specific)….so now,perhaps..just  maybe instead of driving by me and screaming at me with a piece of black hose between your teeth and thoroughly pushing all of my beatlemania buttons FOR THE NEXT SEVERALweeks..when i tweeted very delicately..’should i go to coachella amanda?’…i don’t know if you saw it or wrote back but it’s in the library of congress and  i’m not going to any of your shows until we are on speaking terms again…and certainly not in the middle of the desert with no ticket back…i went to prison,re-met phil spector..isn’t that interesting enough for you to park your rental car for a week…and spend an’ innocentsweetdelirioussupernaturalsuperserious’ micheal stipe.micheal stipe… lazy easy weekend with me? 

  5. K11

    feeemale drrrivers should allll beee
    at the slam of the front door
    seeing as she does what she wants
    as she is my chauffeur
    so for now i’ll just relax lean back shoot rubberbands at my dick…and as she makes anuther perntless toin..i wonder..
    ‘why don’t she drive a stick?’
    because by now with all these miles down
    it’s gonna be a million soon
    we couldve fired up that broomstick
    and blown the hell offa dis moon
    (back to that disfunctional city where girls like me are considered pretty)
    i’m gonna take your advice team sleeper and hitch myself to a kite
    ghet a good job in radio and get paid to smoke crack all night.
    i’ll buy myself a smaller car so i can sit a little bit closer
    and swear to never reveal the name
    my beloved chauffeur

  6. K11

    charlie betty louie liz and uma would stop what they were doing for if you have a ghost get him up to vote cause everybody knows washington hates ghosts.if you dont believe me just ask rickieLEE jones.she supports black power she looks like the watts towers.they’re actuaklly not black they’re italian.made entirely of bottle caps and soup cans.and if anyone can do it i think i can.and i don’t just think i know that i can TOUCAN

  7. Emilymotherfuckingdickinson’s important to know that the guitar is notated from #31 up to 55 open,twelve higher at hte harmonic,67 and nine to twelve more at the big hole in the middle..if it doesn’t have a paisley like a tacoma..or an f hole like an arch top….so lupes ukeles sound best from alto to soprano a realtive zero twelve twenty four frets sre negligible i’ll draw the f holes for you…she has a brown one and a purple…like the purple bike i’m buying today’s a magna…grape street is blip…purle is blip,for leadership[..a black panther is afraid of nothing..i stole that line from marvel comics..that little song got obama in office…i wAZ delusional,then voila..AMANDAPAlMER..the lines on the piano are 2 5 8 12 15 19 bass cleeff.. 22 26 30 33 36 39 middle c treacle cleff ewhadizit 43? g46 b50 d 53f56 a 60 then going to c 87 i think you guys can do the rest i’m running out of minutes…ah saved a few for this depiction…if you stop the mariachi with athumbs upo you’ll find a green sangria bottle like i did.then you can break it on the curb next to the finery and sweetness entering into the travelers rest missionary baptist church on 11 on a sunday..and it makes a very fine and even dandy slide..which you can try out at the jack int he box…they’ll be playing david byrne.,..which is suitably left,in safety…but far abnd away from emily the captain and the lady blip miss amanda the panda palmierrista mac pea. who did kill amanda mcpea?it is a question that allways troubled me.rupert murdoch is a disturbing trend.,he doesn’t have a single friend i think he did it and the whole world knows he killed the worlds most beloved crack ho

    • Kazualkazh

      o boy oboy o boy oboy….he is ther holy ghosts favorite toy
      just how big does he thINK he is?
      i tell you this and my word is square biz
      ..the LA times is yours and mine
      and jesus loves

      pearls before swine”


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