New Zealand: Win Tickets to See The Dresden Dolls!

We are running another round of ticket giveaways for each New Zealand date! 

Hurry up and enter for your chance to win! 

Click on your city of choice below and do something suggested via the widget but please know our FAVORITE thing is when people TWEET about the show…do that for TWO points, and do any of the other stuff to score bonus points (which will increase your chances of winning)!  Seeing as the shows are a few days away, we’re letting you tweet once per day!  The more you tweet, the better your shot is at winning! Check it out:

See The Dolls in Christchurch!See The Dolls in Auckland!See The Dolls in Wellington!

Please note that for your tweet to be eligible, you must click the button that says “+1 Do It!” – click the button that says “Tweet” – and follow the directions for entering your tweet’s URL.

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in our previous giveaways!  We appreciate you helping us spread the word. 

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15 Responses to “New Zealand: Win Tickets to See The Dresden Dolls!”

  1. Talia

    I have done it, but for one of the twitter ones (I already follow all three accounts, so i was typing my twitter handle in), but I accidentally pressed enter before I had finished writing it in.  I am unable to go back and fix it.

    I hope that it still counts!

    Also, not on facebook, so I miss out on those ones. Still, really hope I have a good chance of getting a ticket!!! :)

  2. Beagula

     Who won? Are we still in the running? If not I gotta head out to the theater and see who’s selling!

  3. Neferuki

    I have been meaning to join Twitter for a while now, despite not having the phone app.  The prospect of getting an opportunity see Amanda live was the thing that got me off my butt to bite the bullet and just do it.

  4. Beagula

     I just wanted to say how great it was to see the show last night.  I was so bummed that it was sold out and I was on my way to try and find a scalper when I checked my email to see that I had won! I was having such a shitty day, and Amanda, you and Brian made my day:-)

     For those of you who missed it, it was a 4 hour long extravaganza! A new band has made it’s way onto the scene and thanks to AFP I’m their newest fan. “The Bedroom Philosophers”, they were entertaining as hell! (They are “Flight of the Conchords” meets “Weezer”. )

    I had fantasized about meeting you guys and telling you the story about how I got turned onto your music by watching you host “RAGE” while I was on my own lackluster video shoot. I kept thinking , “Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to direct a video for THESE guys? They’ll do ANYTHING!” 

    When I won the tickets I even rehearsed my dorky introduction, carefully pronouncing Brian’s last name again (“The G is silent, or is it? I’ll just call him “Mr. Doll”) , but unfortunately for us both there was no meet and greet,  I would have left a bad impression after so many drinks;-p

    But the offer is still out there Dolls,  I will glady direct your next video. After seeing Brian in action, the world needs to know what he does to drums.  He beats them like they stole somethin’! It’s given me some great ideas, and I KNOW you’re game:-)

  5. Kareena

    *crosses fingers*

    I can’t really afford a ticket and have been bummed about it. Winning this would make my year (especially since I never win anything)! When will winners be announced?

  6. Ardien Freeman

    Joined twitter just for you guys! Couldn’t quite figure out pasting the URL of my tweet but please love me anyway ;-) I know the show will be awesome!

  7. Serena Pasco

    i am another to join twitter for you guys today…does that count for perhaps an awesome viewing of your show tonight?!! i love you eternally, but i would love you eternally and forever in debted to your awesomeness!!!!


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