The Dresden Dolls Return 2017

Dresden Dolls_18-x-24-Poster2

art by Malleus Rock Art Labs

THE DRESDEN DOLLS RETURNETH, and this time we mean fuckin’ business. we’re gonna play in our old stomping grounds and then go show donald trump and the rest of the clowns in that swamp what the fuck is up.

and if i may say so myself: if you’ve only seen me solo but have never seen the dresden dolls, you owe it to yourself….it’s like seeing a total eclipse with a welding helmet, and the path of totality is boston and OUR NATION’S CAPITAL. we are going to play four (and only four,and that’s *it*) shows this year, in two venues.

October 31 – 9:30 Club – Washington, D.C. – Tickets/Info* – Onsale Aug. 17 @ 10am EST
November 3 – Paradise – Boston, MA – Tickets/Info – Onsale Aug.18 @ 10am EST
November 4 – Paradise – Boston, MA – Tickets/Info – Onsale Aug.18 @ 10am EST
November 6 – Paradise – Boston, MA – Tickets/Info – Onsale Aug.18 @ 10am EST

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3 Responses to “The Dresden Dolls Return 2017”

  1. Johan Meijlaers

    Greeting Earthlings,

    Mostest nicest surprise, I open a Neil Gaiman book for some light reading and out a girl falls, with flowers in her hair. She dances and sings and plays the ukelele.

    And writes a book. I am a reader, I will proof some day that a kindle gets dog-eared if only I persist enough. Favorite writer Terry Pratchett, He’s a hero. Sadly a dead hero, but life goes on, books get written. Good omens opened the door to Neil who kept going on about Amanda. So I got curious. Art of Asking – take the donut

    We all lost a great person, but I have gained 2 marvelous new people that manage to touch my heart in so many different ways.


    Johan Meijlaers


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