The AFP + Christopher Lydon Conversation


“ This Thing is a really beautiful Thing, and a Thing that i’m hoping to do more of. as for my partner in crime, christopher lydon – for those of you who aren’t familiar with him – is a long-standing radio interviewer (mostly found on National Public Radio in the states) and he’s an old… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – “Labyrinth” (from the Grinning Man)

Amanda Palmer - Labyrinth - Tunecore

me, in full throated musical-theater form, singing the character grinpayne’s heartbreaking song “labyrinth” from the new london west end musical “the grinning man”, backed by the budapest film orchestra. read the full backstory  HERE .   THE CREDITS “Labyrinth” from the musical The Grinning Man Vocals by Amanda Palmer Music by Tim Phillips and Marc Teitler Lyrics… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – How Would You Like To Play God


this is the song was written as a semester long songwriting exercise, using input and inspiration from a select group of wesleyan students, michael pope, and myself. i gave the students a writing prompt, and told them that i was going to collect their pages, read them, and write a song inspired by what they’d… Read more »

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Live at Union Chapel


this was webcasted LIVE from Union Chapel on november 16th featuring jherek bischoff, plus a quartet! this show was immensely powerful: it felt like a perfect culmination of all the Things this year. jherek and i did some newly-arranged and live material we’ve never tried before. the feeling in the room was warm as warm can be… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way


so: i have been working on this song and video (with countless collaborators) for almost a full year, and it’s time has come. it’s a deeply emotional one for me…i was two weeks from giving birth to ash when i saw (as i’m sure you did) the photo of the little aylan kurdi, a syrian… Read more »