Amanda Palmer – “Labyrinth” (from the Grinning Man)

Amanda Palmer - Labyrinth - Tunecore

me, in full throated musical-theater form, singing the character grinpayne’s heartbreaking song “labyrinth” from the new london west end musical “the grinning man”, backed by the budapest film orchestra. read the full backstory  HERE .   THE CREDITS “Labyrinth” from the musical The Grinning Man Vocals by Amanda Palmer Music by Tim Phillips and Marc Teitler Lyrics… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – How Would You Like To Play God


this is the song was written as a semester long songwriting exercise, using input and inspiration from a select group of wesleyan students, michael pope, and myself. i gave the students a writing prompt, and told them that i was going to collect their pages, read them, and write a song inspired by what they’d… Read more »

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Live at Union Chapel


this was webcasted LIVE from Union Chapel on november 16th featuring jherek bischoff, plus a quartet! this show was immensely powerful: it felt like a perfect culmination of all the Things this year. jherek and i did some newly-arranged and live material we’ve never tried before. the feeling in the room was warm as warm can be… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way


so: i have been working on this song and video (with countless collaborators) for almost a full year, and it’s time has come. it’s a deeply emotional one for me…i was two weeks from giving birth to ash when i saw (as i’m sure you did) the photo of the little aylan kurdi, a syrian… Read more »

The Dresden Dolls Return 2017

Dresden Dolls_18-x-24-Poster2

art by Malleus Rock Art Labs THE DRESDEN DOLLS RETURNETH, and this time we mean fuckin’ business. we’re gonna play in our old stomping grounds and then go show donald trump and the rest of the clowns in that swamp what the fuck is up. and if i may say so myself: if you’ve only… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – Piano Is Evil

AFP-91 Piano Is Evil-Merch_Design Options-R1_Option 1

in the fall of 2016 i recorded stripped down, piano-only arrangements of Theatre Is Evil and called it – obviously – Piano Is Evil. i released the music to my patreon patrons ONLY and decided to keep it off the internet until….i didn’t know….basically until i had the wherewithal to talk about what i’d done,… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – Grown Man Cry [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


the official video for Grown Man Cry, directed by australian director Steven Mitchell Wright (The Danger Ensemble). made RETROACTIVELY THANKS TO THE BEAUTY OF PATREON…. this video was powered and paid for by a community of over 11,000 people. if you’re one of them: THANK YOU! WE MADE A THING. if you aren’t, we would… Read more »