Amanda Palmer – There Will Be No Intermission

dear world,

my new album, art-book and global tour, “There Will Be No Intermission” is out now, listen:

“There Will Be No Intermission is a triumphant return of an uncompromising artist. It is singularly the best piece of work that Palmer has produced in her career.” Pop Matters.

sometimes you make the art, and sometimes the art makes you. this record and tour feels more like the latter.

listen. these songs are the most vulnerable and personal i’ve ever recorded, and they all provided some kind of relief from each life-situation i was facing over the last seven years since i out our my last album (theatre is evil), it was just non-stop, the gamut of human emotion and highs and lows.

but it had to be that way. right? god laughs at plans. and all of it has galvanized me to the core: as a writer, as a woman, as an artistic servant. i also had no idea that my 14,000 patrons – who held my hand through this entire process – would have the profound effect on my songwriting that they did.

everything feels inseparable now: my crowdfunding through patreon, the birth of our son, the election of trump, my TED talk, two abortions, the kavanuagh hearing, the death of my best friend, writing a book, being in ireland for the repeal, the miscarriage i had alone on a christmas day.

i sat in a theater in london and watched hannah gadsby decimate the blurted lines between entertainment and naked truth, i saw the brave women of #metoo standing up against their rapists, and i saw nick cave in concert and on record working through his grief using art as a necessary and generous tourniquet that others could re-use. they all reminded me to try harder and harder still to tell the real, unadorned truth.

i’ve seen how infectious the darkest truths are, when spoken without shame, and I felt like taking any other path would have been a cop-out.

i love you all so much.

i hope this record, this book, this show can hold you the way i’ve been held…i couldn’t have made it through these ordeals without art there to whisper to me that i wasn’t alone.

thank you for coming on this ride with me.



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