Ukulele Anthem

The ORIGINAL recording of the Ukulele Anthem from the days of the Occupation.

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8 Responses to “Ukulele Anthem”

  1. M's Dad

    Listened to this song for the first time at my 8 yr old’s soccer practice the other night. A bunch of kids in brightly colored clothes running around laughing and playing on perfect green grass dappled by late afternoon sun. Meanwhile I’m sitting at a picnic table with tears running down my face because as I listen to this song I finally “get it”. Amanda Palmer just explained to me how to be a father.

    So practice ends and I tell my daughter I want her to listen to this song. I play it through twice. She likes it, but doesn’t get it. She asks me what the big deal is with the song. So I try to explain that what I take from the song is that how she “is” right now is how she should stay forever. If you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs then do it. If you want to help someone just “because” then do it. Don’t do things because you think that is what you are supposed to do. She’s baffled, but I keep trying to explain.

    No idea what got through, but I’m going to believe something did. And I’m going to keep reminding here to play the ukulele. The next day she was singing/howling “we’re all gonna die, so play the uk-ul-le-leeeeeee! That raised the wife’s eyebrows a bit. I’m just thankful she didn’t pick up the line about taking your vibrator to work….

    Thanks Amanda. I wasn’t expecting so much guidance from you.

  2. nickelsalsa

    This song has made me supremely, deliciously, HAPPY! I missed you when you came to Phoenix last month, but I was lucky enough to catch you Tiny Desk Concert – this song is my new anthem. Thanks for all the smiles :)

  3. Sasha Distan

    Purely through seeing Amanda play this at the gig in Brighton and due to the awesomeness of my friend for having dragged me to this random gig to see this person who I had never heard of – I am learning to play the ukelele (badly). I promise not to practice every day.

  4. JonathanWI

    I bought a ukulele because of this song, and it is fantastic.

  5. Stephen Williams (River Bucket

    I first heard this song when my dead buddy was trying to learn it. He wasn’t dead at the time. I went home and decided to learn it myself. It was the first time I’d ever played a ukulele and it took me about a week. From there I thought, “well this is fun. What other songs can I learn?” I went out busking with my roommate’s uke and made 160 dollars that weekend. I used that money to buy my own uke and never looked back. Now I know more songs than I can remember and have my own folk punk uke project. I’m going on tour this winter. At this point I don’t think I could live without it.

    Thank you Amanda. In a million words or more you presented the most important concept (for me at least) to making music, which is, “just have fun.”

  6. Bryan Chandler

    Like many here, my friend playing this song on ukulele is what inspired me to play ukulele. Thank you, Amanda!


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