five new US + canada tour dates added!

yes, it’s your turn, ‘murica (and Canada). i would like to spend the evening with you. (and australia…shhh…i’m coming for you next).

AFP_57 - Solo Tour Admat - General

pre-sale for all shows will be available to patrons first beginning wednesday, 9/7 at 10am local time. If you’re not already a patreon, you can join for as little as $1 and get access to the pre-sale at

November 10 – The Egg Center for the Performing Arts – Albany, NY – Tickets / Info

November 11 – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Toronto, ON – Tickets / Info

November 13 – Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL – Tickets / Info

November 15 – Woman’s Club – Minneapolis, MN – Tickets / Info

November 17 – Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO – Tickets / Info

(all shows are all ages!)

non-patrons will have access to buy tickets starting friday, 9/9 at 10 am local time. watch the patreon / socials for ticket links.


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5 Responses to “five new US + canada tour dates added!”

  1. Amanda Ferguson

    sure wish there were some southern U.S. dates! NOLA, Houston, DFW…something!!

  2. Brice Kohleriter

    Yes, please come to Dallas Amanda. I would love to meet you. I wrote a speech about the music industry and how we can improve it and I included you as a role model.

  3. Adam Bartlett

    Thanks, so much love… I finally managed to succeed in getting a ticket for AFP’s concert; this time, I don’t care if I’m in the ICU, I’m going this time!!!

    It’s been like +5-6 years that I’ve been trying to attend with just about everything imaginable issue always coming up at the last minute… Anyways, see you all next month in Toronto…

    Actually it’s kinda cool that she’s playing on remembrance day in Canada, I’ll already be in town memorializing remembrance day & those who paid the ultimate sacrifice; that’s another one of those things that I always participate in & strongly believe is essential to remember & learn from…

    It’s just a bit odd/funny, considering I am for the most part a pacifist but it makes sense if you understand what I am talking about specifically. I am the pacifist with expertise in armed & unarmed hand to hand combat, studies history, war, strategy, logic, medicine, science, etc…

    I am just full of contradictions but that’s just your typical Canadian… You can’t live up in snowy tundra in igloos with sled dogs & no sunlight for most of the year without being a bit odd :-P

    Anyways, since global warming is melting my igloo away, I probably should go & do something about that… So until the concert, stay safe & have fun… It should be lots of fun.


    P.S. If you can’t tell I’m joking around, too bad, your sense of humor must be broken… You should see a doctor about that right away;-)


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