NEW SONG!! “A Mother’s Confession”

A Mother's Confession - v3-nofilter


feb 26th, 2016 -

A Mother’s Confession. made possible by the patrons: !!
READ ALL 69 FOOTNOTES TO THIS SONG (plus see the gallery) AT: by amanda palmer with input from jason webley, who didn’t know what “publix” meant.

amanda palmer – piano and vocals
jason webley – accordion, glockenspiel, bass drum, choral conducting, engineering, mixing, canoe.
the floating drum collective – choral optimism
anthony or ash for short – himself

recorded in jason webley’s houseboat, february 12, the day after it was written, which was the 11th.

this song is able to be free/pay-what-you-want because it was paid for by the 7,000 people supporting my patreon.
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One Response to “NEW SONG!! “A Mother’s Confession””

  1. Mike

    I just now got the time and silence to listen to this (and yes, I’m using headphones!). I’m a dad, and my kids are 13 and 10. And we’ve been there, as has everyone I know (close enough to admit it). I even spilled hot coffee on a friend’s 4 month old son after a lovely night of music and debauchery. And that kid is now 16 and amazing (and totally forgives me). So you made me cry (a lot). And I love it! thank you thank you xoxoxo


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