Ninja Giggin' in New Zealand!

Amanda Palmer at Occupy Wall Street

Attention Christchurch and Auckland! Amanda and Brian will be bringing their ninja gig antics to New Zealand. Here are the details:

January 24th – Christchurch Ninja Gig, 2PM at South Hagley Park for Occupy Christchurch.

January 27th – Auckland Ninja Gig, 2PM at Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street.

Stay tuned to The Dolls‘ and Amanda’s Twitter accounts for more info!  Tickets are still available HERE for shows in Chistchurch, Auckland and Wellington!  Viva la Punk Cabaret!!!

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10 Responses to “Ninja Giggin' in New Zealand!”

  1. Moomepham

    ninja gig wellington you beautiful souls!! our streets are yearning your awesomeness! xx arohanui!

  2. Chucknorris28

    this is the urban myth emily/george…i am here to promote elisa and lupe’s discount warehouse on towne and florence street in the city of our lady the queen of the angels.i’m volunteering there  right now,i’m on my lunch break..florence street is a great place to go shopping or wednesday me and lupe will have those violin size chinese guitars,which is a three sting steel ukie..(the space is too narrow for grown up fingers with all six strings…if nylon ukies get you down ,you can ordder one of these at lupe’s place  for around fifteen dollars

  3. Amanda Also

    Just found a cute video of you and Brian playing a ninja gig in a tree at Occupy Melbourne. Thanks, first of all. Secondly, I noticed a huge honkin’ hickey on your neck. Is this from the girl on the balcony, from the gig?!

  4. Miethkorris

    solo douche records intends to hurt
    double dutch gum
    seriously fucking hurt you scum
    in the shadow of
    old glorious
    isn’t it nice she found a country for us?

  5. Chucknorris28

    double dutch records has a shitload of great artists,but none of us got paid.robert ipp is double dutch records.write to him and demand the entire catalogue,calendar and t shirt
    it’s pretty simple,actually.


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