Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

while the headlines blare on about the distractions du jour, we are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement **on record**. an unprecedented 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. among them are nearly 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. this past spring of 2017, i traveled to lesvos, greece, where i worked with a small NGO and saw the continual plight of families and children living in limbo with a scarcity of help and resources while the world marches on without paying attention.

meanwhile, i worked on this song recorded in tasmania, australia, with generous assistance from the MONA museum and began an brainstorm and partnership with the spanish performance artist abel azcona. we recruited dozens of volunteers from across spain, france, the UK and elsewhere in europe to take part in the performance. these volunteers weren’t professional actors, they simply answered our call and wanted to loan their time and hearts to this cause. the video was filmed on location in tarragona, spain. we cannot thank the volunteers enough for their travel, time and generosity in making this clip.

the entire film crew and all the production costs were funded/backed by my 11,000 patrons. without them, nothing. if you’d like to join our tribe and help us make more art all around the world, join here:

read the full backstory & lyrics here:

please download the song here on bandcamp;…

ALL digital proceeds until Nov 30th will go to, a small dutch NGO that helps feed, clothe and assist refugees landing and living on the island of lesvos, greece.


song – amanda palmer
direction & performance art – abel azcona
video art – abel azcona with the special collaboration of cameras and edition team: polarizador estudio; kiko prado, carlos coronado

photography abel azcona with the special collaboration of cameras and edition team: polarizador estudio; kiko prado, carlos coronado

syrian actors – sally el boukhari + kaoutar el boukhari

artist assistants – sara berga + anna crespo
video & photography assistant – alba rodriguez
hair & makeup – amanda ariza


neyse cunha
daniel zacarias
andreas wiesner
carole morillon
emilio josé miras
jacqueline pingaron
laura cano
mar linares
nuria rodriguez
sthéfane de souza
maría alemana
rubén tejedor
judith esteban
jon de los arcos
alexander knight
jana hlinkova
una crecido
ricardo de pascual
sabrina rodríguez
yvette tarango
mara haro
isam alegre
janel tornington
pol vives
felix marques
mª laia velázquez
nerea galván
carlos carcía
electra tremulis
nora haddad
sara requena
anastacia narrajos
maría belén martínez
pirran adima
cristina lorca
judith rodríguez
sergio robla
zloicu sarah
sarah zwicky
philippe zwicky
aimee van vliet
nuria peña
nuria correa
ella mattalia
aino julia lópez
marta vilaseca
abel azcona
dime crespo
shari franky
lolymar sierra
eloy delêz
marian garcía
sergio robla
marta falcón
gabriel robla
sofía robla
anna soriano
carole morillon
vanessa navarro
silvia navarro
iván martinez
lara nuzzo
amanda ariza

...i borrowed the above phrase from my friend maria popova's blog ( - it's awesome)...i think the phrase pretty much explains itself. i put a lot of time and effort into this blog and want you to have it and read it for free. if you want to give me some help for the time and effort, THANK YOU. you can either kick me back directly through paypal using the button below, or if you want to take some MUSIC TOO (even better, yay!) go to the store section and kick me back through paying what you want for an album or a song.

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