Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley – Electric Blanket (Official Music Video)

i hope you already got a chance to listen to the track itself…everyone i’ve played it for seems to think it’s as warm and cozy and dark as i do. :)

in these dark times, i like to think that nothing’s a coincidence.

this song was about being cold, then it was maybe about suicide, and now the video has made it about….something else entirely.

and just in time for halloween. read the full backstory and watch the video on my patreon HERE.


“Electric Blanket”
Director: Hoku Uchiyama
Executive Producers:  Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley and Matt Miller
Producer:  Mia Schulman
Director of Photography:  Ken Wales
Swing Grip and Electric:  Melissa Libertelli
Art Director:  Hannah Elder
Puppeteers:  Kindred Gottlieb, Jason Webley, Miranda Riddle, Nicole Kendall Scott, Anna Mkhikian
Production Assistants:  Thomas Cross, Neha Nagra
VFX Artist/Puppet Design:  Hoku Uchiyama
Puppeteer Consultant/Additional VFX:  Adam Bolt
Hair/Makeup Artist:  Miranda Riddle
Additional VFX:  Chris Clements
Blanket R&D and Construction:  Melissa Malandrakis
Additional Blanket Construction:  Stephani Lewis
Animal Handler:  Elena Woodhead
Colorist:  Tory Harder
Production Company:  Vanishing Angle

CAST (in order of appearance):
Nick Hunter
Audrey Salas
Abraham Jurado
Max the dog
Jazz Elise
Miko Simons
Brent Myerson
Sam Hengesbach
Sid Baumgartner
EvaMarie Baumgartner
Iskandaryan Sergey
Vernisa Allen
Mia Schulman
Jakob Berger
Emily Hinkler
Laika the dog
Mary Poffenroth
Jeff Harms
Jessica Lucarelli
Rachael Singer
Marylin Hunter
Adam Pineless
Thomas Cross
Sky Siegel

Music by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
(C)2018 Eight Foot Music (ASCAP) and Music That Tears Itself Apart (SESAC)
Amanda Palmer: Vocals

Jason Webley: Vocals, guitar, bells, accordion
Ethan Schmidt: Upright bass
Additional vocals: Chris Poage, Walt McClements, Kate Copeland, Jeff Harms, Casey Long, Katelyn, Shook and Laurie Shook
Basic tracks engineered by Mike Napolitano in New Orleans, LA
Mixing and additional recording by Jason Webley
Mastered by Jherek Bischoff

Special thanks to: Johnny Fraser, Rina Shkrabova, Galia Mkhikian, Joel Kenyon, Scott Jones, Alexander Rojas, Natalie Metzger, Bob Allaire, Pat Mars, Shane Willis, Danny Madden, Kristen Uno, Josh Kaufman, Chris Poage, Sarah Schmidt, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary, Kurt Kuenne, Mari Walker, Ani DiFranco, Michael McComiskey, Hayley Rosenblum, Jordan Verzar, Nick Rizzuto, Lilit Bakery & Cafe, M&W Liquors, Elite Property Management, and the accommodating folks at Malmart.

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