AFP at TED 2013: “The art of asking”

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25 Responses to “AFP at TED 2013: “The art of asking””

  1. Katextotocorde

    So so courageous. you’re a beautiful woman reminding me to be raw and alive. Kat. TWCranialOsteo

  2. PlastcTokyo

    That was fantastic! Im glad it went so well for you! Very intriguing talk – and amazing to see it on the TED stage :)

  3. Kat Whitelock

    Beautiful. Asking is the foundation of any good relationship.

  4. Sam

    That was beautiful, simple, and poetic. Thank You for sharing yourself with us

  5. Erin Michaela Brandt


    Whoaaaa… I teach asking like this. And have just expanded from SF to Canada to Norway! Such an exciting time for me… in the middle of my travels, and watching your TED talk.

    I felt vulnerable and cried, imagining trusting/ letting strangers write on my naked body, feeling you describe your perception of it…

    I felt a kinship with you in the way we live our lives… authentically, vulnerably, softening… choosing to live seeing others and being seen. I like to choose to share what I learn, how I fail, what I want… I imagine that by being open like this, with the air and light softening the shame I might feel, I allow others to consider doing the same…

    Just got gifted a hotel room in Buffalo 90 min ago, so I didn’t freeze/ feel unsafe sleeping overnight in the airport after I missed my flight. Asking vulnerably and staying open, being so ok/ spacious with hearing a “no”… this feels like living freely to me.

    I imagine I would enjoy connecting with you.

    I would really enjoy it if you reached (back) out to me. Hoping you do…

  6. Lieuwe Zelle

    Gave me inspiration to do this for our group of inspirational people

  7. Frantic Romantic

    Very nice story. A 20 yr old girl who met you once at the Altanta airport and maintains that you are her idol sat next to me on a plane from Amsterdam to Atlanta and summarized this video – glad I watched it for myself. All the best.

  8. LlTeRry

    Hi Amanda, What is best time to let?. Idea are WOTH Spreading. So can! WOTH the emphasis on can as being very powerful Very! Sure it’d be nice to help and I can’t think of anything better. Than making ‘eye contact’ w/ strangers & passing out flowers tooo (as well) those th@ do. Pl. Need Th@ ‘Open’ In Such A ‘busy’ Environment. &/or ask…..
    0 But 8 very much very like this Idear of possibly standing on of all things a toilet paper box (of all things(comical)(light))) and passing out flowers! Will Let!
    Ty, As always warmly and richly.

    Me. LlTeRry
    PS.Thinkin’ Locally. Have you ever wanted to look someone in the eyee, & ask them to get real? I have. I’m not suggesting this as a cut down. To the contrary; its purpose is to lift up. I’m talking about true, genuine, authentic interaction, where one can recognize the strengths and vulnerabilities of another — see through the warts & wrinkles that moves us to meet new Pl., trying new things, & let the discovery of new dimen-sions of ourselves. This new found energy brings a feeling of euphoria, joy love.
    The quest to know self, and life purpose, is reliant upon an ’0pen’ commection with others; thee more up close and personal, The Better. Put your head in this thought; you realize how connectected we are. Today my soul is being fed. Let’

    PSS.I’ve learned that

  9. generic individual

    The perfect soapbox for a perfect message!

    Anyone who doesn’t understand the point of view you are expressing, isn’t human enough to understand the art you are making. They don’t understand that you are employed by your fans, and your fans consider you a rather treasured artist. They are not demanding you justify yourself, only those scared of your successes do. Don’t ever loose faith in what you are doing or how you are doing it. Thank you for your artwork and your dedication to those you connect with.

  10. M Matias

    Keep going, you are the spirit of a better world. people MUST stops it innate selfishness.

  11. Colleen Carroll

    Poetic and profound; a lesson not only for artists and musicians trying to build a following and get paid, but really, a life-lesson on how to simply ‘be’ in the world: have the willingness and humility to fearlessly ask, simply trust and graciously receive. Or, in the words of E.M. Forster: “Only connect”. Wonders will happen. God bless you!

  12. Stephanie Ahlberg Rosell

    Your husband has been on my wall for some time now. I stare at the words “Make good art” every single day. I read “The Blueberry Girl” to my daughter almost every night. I now have a new inspiration and it’s going up on my wall to constantly remind me. “I don’t see it as risk. I see it as trust.”. I needed to hear someone else say it to assure me I’m not insane. Thank you Amanda. Thank you Neil. I will support you in any way I can. You are two of my favorite people on earth and you have pushed me to believe in myself. I also keep quoting “The moment you feel you are exposing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you are starting to get it right”. It is an important thing to remember. I have been silenced my whole life. I always thought I was a lone wolf. I was just shut out. Now I want to share everything I have, know and see. Sincerely yours // Stephanie Ahlberg Rosell (also known as Meurr)

  13. Stephanie Ahlberg Rosell

    I think you would like Future Islands! They have an amazing film from Amoeba Records in San Francisco. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve already heard of them, but it’s worth spreading :)

  14. Timmy G

    You just named all the issues with the artist community all in one TED talk. We expect to be loved not learn how to love. You said everything I’ve been saying for years. Love your fans as people FIRST and they will love you back as a person as well as support you and your art. Thank you for this talk. You showed me that I’m on the right path with my music.


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