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  • AFP loving in Scranton, PA!!
  • After reading Amandas blog on bullying, I am saddened that some people need to make others feel miserable to make themselves feel better.
    Deanne Kennedy
  • Hey if any of you peeps are on twitter, feel free to follow me. @dharawal I try to be interesting, but hey ;-)
  • Tonight, there will be dancing!
  • balcony encore Chicago Nov 10
    Eliza Kirkpatrick
  • 'performing hallelujah in Chicago Nov 10
    Eliza Kirkpatrick
  • from Chicago Nov 10
    Eliza Kirkpatrick
  • me as afp on Halloween
    Eliza Kirkpatrick
  • hello from Korea!
    Eliza Kirkpatrick
  • Please come to Mobile, AL! I really want to see you and the band in person! I am seriously in awe!!
    Angela Stone

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