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  • So I thought I would post here first. I have an extra ticket to the show in at Bard College. It's a box seat right over the stage. Anyone interested? I will give you a good deal:)
  • Ideas originate in the strangest places
  • Snuck into this abandoned warehouse with my band today & took a lot of pictures. It was so much fun & I think we got some cool shots!
  • New here..just wanted to say ya hi
    Jamie Lakatos
  • In the past, all artist were funded by patrons. Therefore who had the opportunity to experience art? The rich. Times changed (thank f*****g God) and we as humans are able to access it. I just learned about kickstarter and crowdfunding through stumbling up
    Tanya Michelle Speed
  • I have a dilemma... My 81 year old grandfather is dying..upon my mothers request i came up to visit him and my grandmother.... My grandfather and i never got along. From the start hes judged me on every aspect my personality, appearance and intelligence.
    Marisa Xamsira Willow Ross
  • Anyone going to the North Hampton show next week?
    Ashley Wood
  • Any AFP fans attend Exeter or Edinburgh uni? Having a hard time deciding. It would be good to know there are others nearby. I'd feel more comfortable with the whole idea then.
  • I need to evoke the art of asking. Got accepted into google glass project 2 do an art installment. It cost $ to get the glasses. I know a lot of you like my art, please buy something in my etsy shop to help out??? Etsy shop name photosbyshauna
  • So my aunt found her ex girlfriend who is still her best friend dead in the backseat of her car at the Salem Train Station...what can you do/say to console someone?
    Ashley Wood

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