Art of Asking FAQ

    • Amanda recently answered a ton of questions about the book (and all other things) in a Facebook Q&A here.

    • Where can I get the book?

      Support your local indie bookstore! FOR A LIST OF INDIE BOOKSTORES IN AMERICA CARRYING THE BOOK, go here! there’s a great tool for searching by zipcode! CALL AND ASK your local bookstores if they have it.

      The book is also available in these formats:

Paperback: US paperback at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-MillionIndiebound or Porter Square Books

… the US hardcover at Powell’sBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, or Porter Square Books
… the Australian hardcover at Angus & RobertsonBooktopia, or Readings
… the New Zealand hardcover at Mighty Ape
… the UK hardcover / paperback at Amazon or Waterstones
… the South African hardcover at Exclusive Books, or Kalahari
… the Brazilian hardcover at SaraivaAmazonLivrarias Curitiba, or Livraria da Travessa
… the Hungarian hardcover at HVG
… the Spanish hardcover is available here
… the German hardcover at Amazon
… the Netherlands hardcover at AW BrunaBolAko or ECI.
… the Japanese hardcover at Amazon
… the Taiwan hardcover at BookZone
… the Russian hardcover at Ozon
Audiobook: Barnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, iTunes or at an indie store near you
E-Book: KobobooksBarnes & Noble, and Amazon
You can also read The Art of Asking on Blinkist here (signup takes all of 4 seconds).

    • Is there an audiobook and who read it?

      There is!! I did!! I recorded the audiobook for Hachette over three days in a recording studio in New York. You can get it here on iTunesBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, or at an indie store near you

    • I want to write you a letter? Will you read it?

      If you want to send snail mail, here:

      Amanda Palmer / 8ft Records
      67 West Street #223
      Brooklyn, NY 11222


    • If you want to send an email, HERE, but honestly the best way to flag me down is usually in the moment on Twitter or Facebook. I get a lot of email and try to read everything but it’s hard.
    • Can I book you for an event?

      All that info is HERE.

    • I want to know more about your music – where do I start?

      HERE! I made a page just for that.


6 Responses to “Art of Asking FAQ”

  1. lentower

    * the recent large Q&A (on Facebook?) had a lot on the book. link to it?

    * the photos on

    should credit the photographers.
    name & link to each website

    * the current or last blog has a cut from the book,
    and that wisdom from Anthony

    include it? maybe in a separate post-publication blog section

    * ask the fans to help find other blogs that has significant stuff on
    the book? selected tweets?
    a list of the book questions you asked on twitter?

    * link to one of more of the book topics on the sbox? your account
    ther created one of them

  2. Jaqcov

    Audio book in UK without using amazon/audible (I like businesses that pay taxes)?

  3. Patrick_Gracewood

    Having wrestled with both inner and outer Fraud Squad Police for the 35 years that I’ve created my own art and sculpture jobs out of thin air, the Art of Asking was like oxygen.Thank you, Amanda. Loved your book.

  4. Nancy Sporborg

    Hi Amanda — I just want to tell you that your book is beautiful, vulnerable, so very human, big hearted, honest and authentic. Beautiful message. Thank you for sharing.


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