Amanda Palmer – A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

here we go, new music, for the first time in a LONG WHILE. and this is very special release, unlike anything i think i’ve ever recorded: it’s my rendition of the classic jazz standard “a nightingale sang in berkeley square”….backed by one of the finest symphonies on the planet: the BBC symphony orchestra. read more on my patreon.

The Dresden Dolls – I’m Going To Go Back There Someday

hallo comrades of ye olde punk cabaret….

the dresden dolls made this for you. it’s a cover of “i’m going to go back there someday”, from the muppet movie.

you can download/stream it on bandcamp and all track $$ will go to the boston resiliency fund, which is helping locals affected by covid-19. read more on my patreon.

Amanda Palmer – The French Brexit Song

at the london patron pub gig at the end of august, i saw my dear friend maxim play this very hilarious song that was written by HIS cabaret friend sarah-louise (who wasn’t there). i said “we should record that and make a ridiculous video!!” because patreon, we could, and we did.

it’s called THE FRENCH BREXIT SONG. read more on my patreon.

Amanda Palmer – Everybody Knows Somebody

after the news about el paso and dayton happening back-to-back, i was just like…fuck. there’s a mass shooting MORE THAN ONCE A DAY in my country. at the rate we’re going…won’t almost every town, every person, eventually, be affected? won’t the pain go fully viral?

i got an idea for a song. it’s called “EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY”. read more about it on my patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer – The Power of Power Failure

the first winner of the power failure songwriting contest, from NORWAY……is: Thomas Herlofsen!

out of the first hundred or so submissions that i’ve been able to listen to, this one – “later i told you” stood out as a clear front-runner…..the lyrics didn’t just paint a simple picture, they painted a picture beyond the picture, o top of the picture…..and as soon as i heard the second verse, i was SOLD. (you’ll see why, my god).

read more about the process and listen to the recording HERE.

AFP Talks to Lingua Ignota


podcast interview with kristin hayter, aka Lingua Ignota recored in march 2019 in austin, tx during SXSW.

read more about the creation of this podcast and my conversation with kristin on my patreon.

Amanda Palmer – The Ninja TED Album

i was honestly not expecting to be as excited about the recording and flow quality as i am, but i just listened to the entire show and DAMMIT this record of this evening is a small masterpiece of sound, learning, laughter, and total straight-up weirdness. read more about the making of ninja ted on my patreon HERE.

we decided to put the album up FOR CHARITY, since the patreon $$ covers all the basics. we aren’t putting it on the DSPs (digital service providers, i.e. iTunes, spotify, amazon music) to keep things simple, we are making it available ONLY to patrons as a download (for the download tier folk) and other than that, on bandcamp only.

Amanda Palmer – Notorious Abortionist: A Conversation with Dr. Leah Torres

right before my second show in portland (the last of the north american tour) on june 9th, i sat down with dr. leah torres in a local portland library to talk with her about her work…..and what we can do.

i believe strongly that if i’m/we’re going to get involved in the fight for reproductive rights, we gotta know our shit and start making friends with the right people. read more about my conversation on patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer & Laurie Penny in DC: A Legitimate Adventure

remember when i went to washington DC (with laurie penny as my date?) for the white house correspondents dinner? and the “NOT the white house correspondents dinner with samantha bee” the night before?


well……WE DID!!!!!! read more about it on my patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer – Empathy is Nothing

six years ago, a few days after the boston marathon bombing, i published a quickly-written post to my blog called “poem for dzhokhar”.

it was meant to be a short stream-of-consciousness reflection for my small community of readers; then it was picked up by the outside world. the moment was painful. for a lot of reasons.

this is the audio recording of my poem, “empathy is nothing”. read the full backstory HERE and if you feel moved, share.

Amanda Palmer – Berklee: Music + Mental Health Talk

this is a film, just for y’all, of a great in-depth interview-style talk i gave last november at the berklee college of music in boston, MA. i went to town just for this gig and discussed lots of things. patrons can read more about it on patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer – There Will Be No Intermission

dear world,

my new album, art-book and global tour, “There Will Be No Intermission” is out now, listen:

“There Will Be No Intermission is a triumphant return of an uncompromising artist. It is singularly the best piece of work that Palmer has produced in her career.” Pop Matters.

sometimes you make the art, and sometimes the art makes you. this record and tour feels more like the latter.

listen. these songs are the most vulnerable and personal i’ve ever recorded, and they all provided some kind of relief from each life-situation i was facing over the last seven years since i out our my last album (theatre is evil), it was just non-stop, the gamut of human emotion and highs and lows.

but it had to be that way. right? god laughs at plans. and all of it has galvanized me to the core: as a writer, as a woman, as an artistic servant. i also had no idea that my 14,000 patrons – who held my hand through this entire process – would have the profound effect on my songwriting that they did.

everything feels inseparable now: my crowdfunding through patreon, the birth of our son, the election of trump, my TED talk, two abortions, the kavanuagh hearing, the death of my best friend, writing a book, being in ireland for the repeal, the miscarriage i had alone on a christmas day.

i sat in a theater in london and watched hannah gadsby decimate the blurted lines between entertainment and naked truth, i saw the brave women of #metoo standing up against their rapists, and i saw nick cave in concert and on record working through his grief using art as a necessary and generous tourniquet that others could re-use. they all reminded me to try harder and harder still to tell the real, unadorned truth.

i’ve seen how infectious the darkest truths are, when spoken without shame, and I felt like taking any other path would have been a cop-out.

i love you all so much.

i hope this record, this book, this show can hold you the way i’ve been held…i couldn’t have made it through these ordeals without art there to whisper to me that i wasn’t alone.

thank you for coming on this ride with me.



Amanda Palmer – Voicemail For Jill

hi. i have a new song off THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION for you.

i’ll just be really blunt.

this is a song about abortion. in a way, i spent my whole adult life trying to write it. read the full background on the song HERE.


LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES if you can. here we go.

stream the song HERE on bandcamp.

or on any digital music service HERE.

Amanda Palmer – Drowning in the Sound

“Drowning In The Sound” – produced by John Congleton – is the first single from my new solo album THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION. it’s out on march 8, 2019 (international women’s day, mofos).

go to to learn everything about ALBUM, the ARTBOOK and the global TOUR. pre-orders with special Vinyl & CD merch bundles await you.

Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley – Electric Blanket

it’s THING TIME!!! i am very excited about this recording and it’s been a long time coming. jason webley and i co-wrote this song just about ten years ago on the “who killed amanda palmer” tour, which circled the globe. read the full backstory and listen to the song on my patreon HERE.

i’m incredibly proud of the way the recording turned out…it’s gorgeous. jason mused and engineered and added some extra friends doing vocals (see credits below).

we also tapped bayla arietta to create another PAINTING for the 10” vinyl THAT WE ARE NOW ABLE TO SELL YOU!!!! the 10” vinyl is special and beautiful, and we are printing so few that i presume these will vanish fast. it also has a WAY HIGHER FIDELITY than 7” vinyl – it’ll sound DELICIOUS IN YOUR EARS.


“Electric Blanket” by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
(C)2018 Eight Foot Music (ASCAP) and Music That Tears Itself Apart (SESAC)

Amanda Palmer: Vocals
Jason Webley: Vocals, guitar, bells, accordion
Ethan Schmidt: Upright bass
Additional vocals: Chris Poage, Walt McClements, Kate Copeland, Jeff Harms, Casey Long, Katelyn, Shook and Laurie Shook
Basic tracks engineered by Mike Napolitano in New Orleans, LA

Mixing and additional recording by Jason Webley

Mastered by Jherek Bischoff

Special thanks to Chris Poage, Sarah Schmidt, Ani DiFranco, Michael McComiskey, Hayley Rosenblum, Jordan Verzar, Nick Rizzuto, and to everyone who wrestled to keep the temperature on the bus reasonable during the 2008 WKAP European tour: Steven Mitchell Wright, Tora Hylands, Kat Cornwell, Mark Hill, Lyndon Chester, David Hughes, Jeff Maker, Laura Keating, and Zoe Keating.


Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley – House of Eternal Return



it is full of intrigue and coincidence and love!

read the whole story on my patreon HERE, it’s a good one.

released September 21, 2018


House of Eternal Return
By Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
(C) 2018 by Eight Foot Music (ASCAP) and Music That Tears Itself Apart (SESAC).

Amanda Palmer: Vocals, Wurlitzer
Jason Webley: Vocals, wine glasses, Rhodes, percussion
Additional vocals and whispers by the Electric-Blanket-Video-Shoot-Wrap-Party Choir

Basic tracks engineered by Chris Bittner at Applehead Studio in Woodstock, NY.
Additional recording and mixing by Jason Webley.
Mixed and mastered by Jherek Bischoff

Special thanks to Ken Bogdanowicz, Chris Poage, Hoku Uchiyama, Matt Miller, and Vanishing Angle Film Studio

Original watercolor painting by Bayla Arietta

Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating, Sean Ono Lennon & JC Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi

100% of these digital sales will go to the same charity that “The Universe In Verse” worked to benefit: The Natural Resources Defense Council (, who, in their own words, “work to safeguard the earth – its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.” the NRDC has been doing advocacy and litigation work on behalf of climate change, clean water and our precious earth since 1970. PLEASE BE GENEROUS WHEN DOWNLOADING! read more about the creation of this song on patreon:


released June 18, 2018
Sean Ono Lennon – upright bass, electric & acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards
John Cameron Mitchell – Vocals
Zoë Keating – Cello
Amanda Palmer – Vocals
Sean Lennon & Matthew Cullen – Audio Mix
Matthew Cullen – Extra Engineer
Kevin Blackler – Mastering
Dan Brantigan – Live Engineer
Eric Cullen – Additional Mix Engineer
Dustin Yellin – Artwork
Art design by Braxton Carter at Fame House

Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power – Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now

100% of the digital sales of this song until june 30th are going to be donated to TimesUp, a Legal Defense Fund that provides subsidized legal support to those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace:

Song written by Amanda Palmer, Sketch & Dodds, and Jasmine Power
Vocals: Amanda Palmer and Jasmine Power
Piano: Sketch & Dodds

Production: Sketch & Dodds
Strings: 7 Suns Quartet
Cello: Earl Maneein
Violin: Jennifer DeVore

Recorded at Applehead Studios, Woodstock by Chris Bittner, and at The Bunker Studios, NYC, by Todd Carder
Jasmine’s vocals recorded by Owain Jenkins at StudiOwz in Wales-Pembrokeshire in December 2017.
Mixed and Mastered in London by Taz Mattar

“Fighter” feat AFP by Patty Monroe

i met patty monroe last month in south africa and we hit the studio together in cape town. this is her song “fighter”, played live with me on vocals and piano. this song is available on soundcloud only. if you want to read about the backstory of the making of this song, go to my patreon.

and please join the patreon so we can make more awesome shit like this.

engineered by murray anderson – milestone studio, cape town

Amanda Palmer – Strength Through Music 2018

watch the video:

the original video for “Strength Through Music”, which was on my first solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, was shot on location at and featuring students from Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. we filmed it back in 2008 as a response to the mass shootings at columbine high school. people were shocked and horrified at columbine, and gun laws didn’t change. newtown happened, and laws didn’t change. since then, school shootings have become regular. commonplace. part of “life”. there is a school shooting in the US ALMOST EVERY DAY. it’s got to stop. we made this new version of the song and video, featuring the names of those murdered at marjory stone man douglas high school – and newtown elementary, and columbine high school – as a response to this ongoing insanity. the thousands of dollars that this remix will earn on my patreon page will all be donated to March For Our Lives ( which is taking place on march 24th, and the song is also available on bandcamp for $1 – all of that money will be donated to the march as well. i hope it helps. we have had enough. #NeverAgain


shot, cut & directed by Michael Pope
produced by BriAnna Olson

music and lyrics by Amanda Palmer, from “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”
produced by Ben Folds
engineered and mixed by Joe Costa
piano and vocals – Amanda Palmer
synthesizers – Ben Folds
2018 vocal engineer (recording of list of names) – Marco Benevento



please donate to:

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Quartet for Dolores


100% of proceeds from digital downloads go to Chernobyl Children International (, a charity close to dolores’ heart. read more about the making of these songs and support the creation of MORE ART on


vocals: amanda palmer
background vocals on “no need to argue”: zoe boekbinder
quartet arranged, produced, and recorded by jherek bischoff

violin: paris hurley
viola: marta sofia honer
cello: aniela marie perry
upright bass: jherek bischoff

song mixed and mastered by jherek bischoff @ elbo studios in los angeles.
vocals recorded by mike napalitano in new orleans, lousiana.

Amanda Palmer – “Labyrinth” (from the Grinning Man”)

me, in full throated musical-theater form, singing the character grinpayne’s heartbreaking song “labyrinth” from the new london west end musical “the grinning man”, backed by the budapest film orchestra. read the full backstory HERE.



“Labyrinth” from the musical The Grinning Man
Vocals by Amanda Palmer
Music by Tim Phillips and Marc Teitler
Lyrics by Carl Grose, Tom Morris, Tim Phillips and Marc Teitler
Orchestrations by Tim Phillips and Marc Teitler
Arranged by Tim Phillips, Marc Teitler, and Tom Deering
Conductor: Péter Pejtsik
Sound engineer: Péter Barabás
Vocal engineer: James Bridges at Q Division
Photography & Styling: Kahn & Selesnick
Orchestra: Budapest Film Orchestra
Artwork design & lettering: Andrew Nelson from Down In The Valley Creative

Amanda Palmer – How Would You Like To Play God


this is the song was written as a semester long songwriting exercise, using input and inspiration from a select group of wesleyan students, michael pope, and myself. i gave the students a writing prompt, and told them that i was going to collect their pages, read them, and write a song inspired by what they’d handed me. this was the prompt: “what would you kill to fix?” patrons can read the full backstory and listen to the song HERE.

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Live at Union Chapel

this was webcasted LIVE from Union Chapel on november 16th featuring jherek bischoff, plus a quartet! this show was immensely powerful: it felt like a perfect culmination of all the Things this year. jherek and i did some newly-arranged and live material we’ve never tried before. the feeling in the room was warm as warm can be and the audio and visual quality is IMPECCABLE!! patrons can view the full webcast HERE.

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Mother

November, 2017. this song & video is dedicated to the current administration.

original song by pink floyd. performed by mother amanda palmer. directed by mother jordan rathus. arranged and conducted by honorary mother jherek bischoff.

to watch the official video, all song download/streaming information, cast, crew credits and backstory, go to:

we are also selling a LIMITED EDITION of the In Harm’s Way/Mother 7”, previously available only to patrons. NOW available to the public. 10% of profits from this 7” will go to order the 7”:

Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way

ALL digital proceeds until Nov 30th will go to, a small dutch NGO that helps feed, clothe and assist refugees landing and living on the island of lesvos, greece.

read the full backstory & lyrics here:


released October 30, 2017
In Harm’s Waywritten by amanda palmer
piano & vocals – amanda palmer
piano & vocal track recorded live at midnight @ the MONA museum in tasmania, australia (nolan gallery)
engineer – michael shelleystrings recorded by jherek bischoff @ a strange house in dusseldorf
violin – zuzana leharová
viola – radek stawarz
cello – nathan bontrager
arranged, mixed and mastered by jherek bischoff
published by kobalt music group

Amanda Palmer – Small Hands, Small Heart

this song was made FAST and with a lot of help from my friends: read the full backstory & lyrics here:

100% of the proceeds from the download of this song until october 28th will support the Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund working on immediate relief of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. read more about them here:

this song was written as a flash songwriting exercise on september 23rd and 24th, 2017, using input/inspiration/comments from over 600 patrons (you can read those here:

if you love this song, please consider joining my patreon to support me, my team & collaborators to make MORE THINGS



music and lyrics by Amanda Palmer

amanda palmer: vocals, piano, hammond organ
sean slade: producer, bass guitar
engineer: james bridges @ Q division in somerville, MA
assistant engineers: dan hale (day 1), michael healey (day 2)

album artwork:
sculpture by lee barron
arrangement of objects & photo by amanda palmer
the chicago defender:



this song was written as a two-day songwriting exercise on august 29th and 30th, 2017, using input/inspiration/comments from over 600 patrons (you can read those here: it wound up being a response to the insanity of internet politics melded with the recent total eclipse and the devastation of hurricane harvey….and, y’know…other stuff.

100% of the proceeds from the download of this song until September 30th will support the Texas Diaper Bank to help victims of Hurricane Harvey across Texas! Read more about Texas Diaper Bank here:

read the full backstory & lyrics here:

if you love this song, please consider joining my patreon to support me, my team & collaborators make MORE THINGS.

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Air Force, taken by Staff Sgt. Oscar M. Sanchez-Alvarez/Released. This has been modified from the original.
Creative Commons License

music, lyrics, piano, vocals: amanda palmer
engineer: eli winograd @ lone pine studio in kingston, NY
special thanks to ben folds for texting with me before his show in little rock, arkansas, and making me change one rhythm and cut two useless repetitions before the first chorus

Amanda Palmer – Piano Is Evil

in the fall of 2016 i recorded stripped down, piano-only arrangements of Theatre Is Evil and called it – obviously – Piano Is Evil.
i released the music to my patreon patrons ONLY and decided to keep it off the internet until….i didn’t know….basically until i had the wherewithal to talk about what i’d done, and then i never seemed to have the time and energy, so it stayed hidden.

now i’m finally releasing it to you all, the public. PIANO IS EVIL is now available in digital download stores and streaming platforms of your choice. read all about its creation and stories about the songs on the official project page:

mastering: greg calbi at sterling sound
all songs recorded at futurepast studio in hudson, ny
engineered by patrick higgins (except “lost”, recorded at akashic studio in boulder, colorado, engineered by prasanna bishop)
photos by: kyle cassidy
design by: marisa velázquez-rivas

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel – I Can Spin A Rainbow

i am incredibly proud of this album, which was written from scratch by me and my songwriting hero, Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pinks Dots. this album has taken us years to finally realize, i hope you love it as much as we loved creating it.

here’s ALL THE INFO…the download links, the backstory, the lyrics, the artwork::

this project was made possible by over 9,000 patrons supporting the making of true independent art at join the community, become a patron and help me make MORE ART.



Recorded at Hideaway Studio and Chez Dots, London in Summer 2016.

Mastered by Ray Steeg and Peter Van Vliet
Vocals and instruments: Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel
Violins: Patrick Q. Wright
Singing saw: Alexis Michallek
Artwork: Judith Clute

A big thank you to Imogen Heap and Alexis Michallek for all their kindness and assistance in the making of this album.

Kisses and thanks to Alena, Alice, Neil and Ash who all played their parts.



“Floating in a Cocktail Glass”


Based on a poem originally called “Sunlight” by the obscure but recently un-earthed-by-Jason-Webley poet Margaret Rucker.

Please read the whole story HERE:



musical arrangement, piano & vocals: amanda palmer
engineer: benny grotto
recorded at Mad Oak Studio, Allston, MA.

cover art photo by krys fox

by Margaret RuckerFloating in a cocktail glass-
Waves lap softly, thickly,
And trickle through my hair,
Bronzing its duskiness.I wonder why
I never brush against
The crystal walls,
Nor clip off flakes of glass
To sparkle through the gold.Perhaps now I will drown.
It would be nice to die
Sinking lazily deeper down
Into this dreamy sea
Of golden wine

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman – “Democracy” (Leonard Cohen)

“Democracy” by the late and great Leonard Cohen, played on piano by Amanda Palmer, words by Neil Gaiman.

Watch the video by David Mack and Olga Nunes here:

This project was funded by 9,408 people on

Limited prints of this original artwork by Vladimir Zimakov, with *all proceeds* benefitting PEN america (an organization that defends and protects the rights writers and journalists, sorely needed in the upcoming era of Trump) available



artwork by vladimir zimakov (
written by leonard cohen
neil gaiman – vocals
recorded by patrick o’leary at john marshall media studio in new york city.
amanda palmer – piano
recorded by prasanna bishop at akashic studio in boulder, colorado
etienne abelin – violin
ola sendecki – violin
david schnee – viola
lukas raaflaub – cello
recorded by benjamin gut at idee und klang studio in basel, switzerland
arranged, mixed and mastered by jherek bischoff

Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley – Sketches for the Musical JIB

we are so incredibly proud of these five songs (The Box Song is especially dear to me, and i’ll likely be playing it on tour)…and we hope you love them. the beautiful artwork is by one of our favorite collaborators, vladimir zimakov.thanks to the patrons, we’re able to keep these songs free/pay-what-you-want on bandcamp. there’s also a limited edition of 10” colored vinyl (1,111 copies) going fast, being sold on jason’s label/website.

if you’re one of my patrons, thank you for making this happen. this the art i want to make, the people i want to be with…’re making it all possible.
if you haven’t joined the patreon, please consider it. we’re on fire.

here’s ALL THE INFO…the download links, the backstory, the lyrics, the artwork:



On the Door

this is one of my most ridiculous Things to date. in terms of pure tongue-in-cheek dance-mania absurdity, it’s up there with “map of tasmania”, my last humorous attempt at making you laugh with a dance track….and i hope you enjoy the eff out of it. it’s a collaboration with australian singer-songwriter-trax-master brendan maclean and australian producer paul mac.

Featuring: Ben Folds, Craig Ferguson, Eugene Mirman, Kirsten Vangsness, Mike Posner, Neil Gaiman, Noah Britton, Patton Oswalt, Reggie Watts, Sarah Jones and Sarah Silverman.

*POWERED BY PATRONS*….read the entire story behind this song at and support the making of more art HERE:

Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean – Composers/Vocals
Paul Mac in The Panic Room – Producer
Sebastian Andreassen – Artwork
Sameer Sengupta – Mastering

You Got Me Singing

july 15, 2016 -

it is with extreme glee that i present ‘You Got Me Singing,’ which is my very first fully-patron-backed album. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home:


Amanda Palmer – vocals, piano, ukulele, glockenspiel, mellotron, vibraphone
Jack Palmer – vocals, guitar
Joe Costa – tambourine, thundersheet

Photography: Kyle Cassidy
Design Implementation: Emily Weiland
Recorded and Mixed by Joe Costa
Recorded at Dreamland Studio, Hurley, NY
Mixed at Middletree Studio, Nashville, TN
Pedal Steel: Rob Stein
Mastering: Fluid Mastering

the album is available for only $1 on bandcamp because all the studio costs were covered by my supporters at


june 22, 2016 -

Here I am again, thing in hand….and this one is quite personal and beautiful. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home:


Performed by Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean
“Laura” Written by: Natasha Khan, Justin Parker

Piano: Amanda Palmer
Vocals: Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean
Produced by Paul Mac

Video Directed and Edited by: Larry Heath
Cameras: Johnny Au and Larry Heath
Filmed in The Spiegeltent at Sydney Festival 2014

Photo: still from the film of “Laura” live at Sydney Festival 2014 by Larry Heath
Design: Brendan Maclean

A huge THANK YOU from me & Brendan to the 8,000 PATRONS on who funded this recording and are giving these artists a salary.
(And ….this is a good time to thank Brendan for being so patient (TWO YEARS) for this recording to finally surface. All Things in their own time.)

Purple Rain

may 31, 2016 -

i just released a cover of “purple rain”, with the added lyrics from the intro of “let’s go crazy”, with my brother Jherek Bischoff. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home:

Jherek Bischoff: string arranging, mixing, mastering.
Amanda Palmer: vocals

the team @ ELBO studios in LA:

the strings:
Serena McKinney – violin
Ben Ullery – viola
Alma Fernandez – viola
Jacob Braun – cello

in the studio:
Chris Fogel – engineer
John Witt Chapman – engineer
Ryan McClure – asst. engineer

the team @ future-past studio in hudson, NY:
Patrick Higgins – head engineer
Rudy Mingaray- assistant engineer

prince artwork: done on commission from the patreon by sarah beetson (

this project was made possible by over 8,000 people supporting the making of true independent art at
please join so that we can make more of the things we love.

all proceeds of this download (until further notice) will go to the ELEVATE HOPE FOUNDATION, a non-profit that provides therapy through music for abused and abandoned kids…supported by prince and founded by sheila e:

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

may 3rd, 2016 -

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” written by the amazing Richard Thompson

Amanda Palmer – piano
Jack & Amanda Palmer – vocals

drawing & animation by David Mack (made from 250 separate paintings…):

this video was funded by our 7,000+ patrons…THANK YOU GUYS.

from the covers collection “You Got Me Singing” by Jack & Amanda Palmer, available for pre-order NOW exclusively to my Patreon supporters. you can become a patron and access the pre-order for as little as $1 at

Album pre-order will be available on iTunes and Amazon starting may 16th!

you can also purchase / stream on:
Google Play:

Jack & Amanda Palmer – “You Got Me Singing” tracklist:
1. You Got Me Singing (Leonard Cohen and Patrick Raymond Leonard)
2. Wynken, Blyken and Nod (Lucy and Carly Simon)
3. Again (Melanie Safka)
4. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard John Thompson)
5. Louise Was Not Half Bad (Tom T Hall, written by Paul Siebel)
6. Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O’Connor)
7. All I Could Do (Kimya Dawson)
8. In The Heat Of The Summer (Phil Ochs)
9. Pink Emerson Radio (Kathleen Edwards)
10. Skye Boat Song (Traditional)
11. Glacier (John William Grant and Thorarinsson Birgir)
12. I Love You So Much (Noah Britton)


mar 9th, 2016 -

this song was written in memory of anthony: best friend, cancer victim, weapons enthusiast, life-saver and….it’s a long story. but a good one. read it here:


this recording was able to come into being created because of my incredible patreon community.
if you want to support more making of Things, please consider joining us:
the band:
amanda palmer – piano and vocals
jherek bischoff – electric bass, string arrangement, mixing & mastering engineer, bad-ass
ben folds – drums, spiritual editor
ryan lerman – electric guitar
aniela marie perry – cello
lauren elizabeth baba – viola
crystal brooke alforque – violinsound engineers:
chris kahn at eastwest studio LA (band)
jaron luksa at the rattle room (vocals and strings)

thanks to mayumi heider for cat-herding, and to mayumi, risa luksa, and gracie folds for childcare.

A Mother’s Confession

“A MOTHER’S CONFESSION: A SONG WITH FOOTNOTES” digital download released February 2016. LISTEN / READ ALL 69 FOOTNOTES TO THIS SONG (plus see the gallery) AT

written by amanda palmer with input from jason webley, who didn’t know what “publix” meant.

amanda palmer – piano and vocals
jason webley – accordion, glockenspiel, bass drum, choral conducting, engineering, mixing, canoe.
the floating drum collective – choral optimism
anthony or ash for short – himself

recorded in jason webley’s houseboat, february 12, the day after it was written, which was the 11th.

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Strung Out In Heaven

STRUNG OUT IN HEAVEN: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute digital download released February 2016. listen / read the whole back story for the EP on the official project page/home:

Amanda Palmer – Vocals
Jherek Bischoff – Double Bass/Arrangements/Conducting
Serena McKinney​ – Violin​ 1
Alyssa Park​ – Violin 2
Ben Ullery​ – Viola
Jacob Braun – Cello
Anna Calvi – Vocals/Guitar (Blackstar)
Jono Manson – Amanda’s Engineer (The Kitchen Sink)
Alex Thomas – Anna Calvi’s Engineer (Bruce Grove Studio)
Chris Fogel – Jherek/Strings Engineer (Hyperion Sound / ELBO Studios)
Bryan Carrigan – Jherek/Strings Asst. Engineer (Hyperion Sound / ELBO Studios)
John Cameron Mitchell – Vocals (Heroes and Helden)


Jherek recorded the strings in LA at Hyperion Sound / ELBO studios engineered by Chris Fogel (engineer) and Bryan Carrigan (Asst. engineer).
Anna Calvi (guest vocal and guitar on Blackstar) recorded in London at Bruce Grove Studios engineered by Alex Thomas.
Amanda recorded vocals in Santa Fe, NM, at The Kitchen Sink, engineered by Jono Manson. Jono added the acoustic guitar on “Space Oddity”.
John Cameron Mitchell sang his back-ups in his apartment in New York into his iPhone.
Jherek mixed and mastered the entire record at home in LA.


The artwork was created by artists from three continents:
Cassandra Long (United States) – Blackstar
David Mack (United States) – Ashes to Ashes
Sarah Beetson (United Kingdom) – EP cover and Space Oddity
Félix Marqués (Spain) – Life on Mars
HA-HA (Australia) – Helden (German Version)

This entire project was financed by the supporters at The minimum price here is $1 – $.54 of which will go to Bowie’s publisher for the use of the songs. The remaining proceeds from the first month of sales (until August 15th, 2016) will go to the cancer research wing of Tufts Medical Center, in memory of David Bowie.

“So Much Wine (Jack and Amanda Palmer take)”

“So Much Wine (Jack and Amanda Palmer take)” by The Handsome Family

Jack Palmer – Guitar & vocals
Amanda Palmer – Piano & vocals
special guest Rob Stein on pedal steel
recorded at dreamland studios, hurley NY, august 2015

engineer: joe costa
(third lyric verse added by Amanda Palmer, with kind permission from The Handsome Family)
special thanks to jeff tweedy

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amanda & jack palmer – “all i could do” kimya dawson cover

“all i could do” – by kimya dawson from her album “thunder thighs”:


amanda palmer – vocals & ukulele
jack palmer – acoustic guitar
recorded at dreamland studios, hurley NY, august 2015


engineer: joe costa
photographer: kyle cassidy
designed by fame house (


thank you to all the supporters at patreon for making this recording possible…
if you’d like to support more work (and hear the rest of these amanda & jack recordings when they come out!)
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“The Thing About Things” Stream

The Thing About Things- made possible by the good folk at Patreon:

music & lyrics written by Amanda Palmer
ukulele & vocals – Amanda Palmer
recorded at Q Division in Somerville, Ma
mixed at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Ma
engineered & mixed by Benny Grotto
artwork by Fame House
produced by Amanda Palmer & Benny Grotto

“Bigger On The Inside” Stream

“bigger on the inside”
music & lyrics written by Amanda Palmer.
ukulele/organ/vocals – Amanda Palmer
cello – Zoe Keating (
recorded at Q Division in Somerville, Ma
mixed at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Ma
engineered & mixed by Benny Grotto.
cello engineered and recorded by Zoe Keating.
photo used by kind permission
produced by Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating and Benny Grotto.

dedicated to Anthony Martignetti, Jeff Rusch, and Jeremy Geidt.

An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Stream

The 2013 release from Amanda Palmer and her husband, author Neil Gaiman. An Evening With… features highlights culled from hours of live recordings from their Fall 2011 tour of the West Coast. The duo bring you an intimate collection of songs, duets, covers and spoken word pieces that span their respective careers.

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