THE AFP PATREON FAQ (frequently asked questions)


below are answers to some of the most common questions about the patreon. if you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out on twitter, facebook, the patreon itself or send an email.

Q: “i have a question about your patreon, who can i contact?”

A: reach out to and they will get you sorted! this is the best address to use if you have questions specifically about my patreon or any of the Things. If you are having trouble with your patreon account you can reach out to patreon’s support team on their help page:

Q: “why are you charging Per Thing versus charging Per Month, like some other patreon artists?”

A: i thought hard about charging Per Month instead of Per Thing, and i landed on Per Thing because it gives me the most flexibility. just recently i decided to charge the patreon once a month (charging a month as a Thing) just to keep all the trains running on time, but i only decided to do that after a LONG discussion with everybody in the room.

Q: “if i cap my patronage at $10 a month, does that mean i won’t get ALL THE THINGS? i want ALL THE THINGS!!!!!”

A: patreon has a great explanation for this on their website, but simply put, once you’re in, you’re in. you are never punished or locked out of content once you hit your cap. that would feel mean.

Q: “does patreon accept paypal?”

A: yes, paypal is accepted! you can learn more about the payments patreon accepts and pledges made in international currencies on HERE on patreon’s support site.

Q: “i don’t know how much to give!!! what should i give??”

A: the average patron gives $3 a month. go for it.

Q: “when are you going to put out an Actual Record I Can Touch? call me old school, but i just want to buy a simple record.”

A: i’m hoping to release my next REAL BIG-ASS solo record in 2019. the patreon will be deeply involved (and already has been, since i’ve been cutting demos and sharing them with the patrons since the get-go). if you want a real-ass record RIGHT NOW, you can purchase one of the gazillions of physical records & CDs i’ve released if you’re super keen on touching things made out of paper, plastic and vinyl:

Q: “um….what if i want to just donate money to you once? this is weird.”

A: um. that’s fine. you can make a one-time donation to my site’s music page here…down to the right where it says “support my art”. thanks. (

Q: “i love you. i just wanted to say that.”

A: “i love you too. here’s a hug ((((((((((())))))))))))”

Q: what about all the stuff i’ve missed?? will i get access to ALL THE THINGS you’ve already put out if i join now?

A: YES. once you’re in, you’re in and you can access ANYTHING that your tier has had access to through the long space-time continuum. you can use tags on my patreon posts to view all the paid posts, to view patron-only posts and to view the different categories of things i’ve shared (like downloads, music, videos, webcasts etc.).