May 3rd, 2016

1952 Vincent Black Lightning (art by David Mack)

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” written by the amazing Richard Thompson Amanda Palmer – piano Jack & Amanda Palmer – vocals drawing & animation by David Mack (made from 250 separate paintings…):… this video was funded by our 7,000+ patrons…THANK YOU GUYS. from the covers collection “You Got Me Singing” by Jack & Amanda Palmer, available for pre-order NOW exclusively to my Patreon supporters. you can become a patron and access the pre-order for as little as $1 at Album pre-order will be available on iTunes and Amazon starting may 16th! you can also purchase / stream on: Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Jack & Amanda Palmer – “You Got Me Singing” tracklist: 1. You Got Me Singing (Leonard Cohen and Patrick Raymond Leonard) 2. Wynken, Blyken and Nod (Lucy and Carly Simon) 3. Again (Melanie Safka) 4. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard John Thompson) 5. Louise Was Not Half Bad (Tom T Hall, written by Paul Siebel) 6. Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O’Connor) 7. All I Could Do (Kimya Dawson) 8. In The Heat Of The Summer (Phil Ochs and Jack Palmer) 9. Pink Emerson Radio (Kathleen Edwards) 10. Skye Boat Song (Traditional) 11. Glacier (John William Grant and Thorarinsson Birgir) 12. I Love You So Much (Noah Britton) love, AFP