February 28th, 2018

Strength Through Music 2018

the original video for “Strength Through Music”, which was on my first solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, was shot on location at and featuring students from Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. we filmed it back in 2008 as a response to the mass shootings at columbine high school. people were shocked and horrified at columbine, and gun laws didn’t change. newtown happened, and laws didn’t change. since then, school shootings have become regular. commonplace. part of “life”. there is a school shooting in the US ALMOST EVERY DAY. it’s got to stop. we made this new version of the song and video, featuring the names of those murdered at marjory stone man douglas high school – and newtown elementary, and columbine high school – as a response to this ongoing insanity. the thousands of dollars that this remix will earn on my patreon page will all be donated to March For Our Lives (marchforourlives.com/) which is taking place on march 24th, and the song is also available on bandcamp for $1 – all of that money will be donated to the march as well. i hope it helps. we have had enough. #NeverAgain CREDITS shot, cut & directed by Michael Pope produced by BriAnna Olson music and lyrics by Amanda Palmer, from “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” produced by Ben Folds engineered and mixed by Joe Costa piano and vocals – Amanda Palmer synthesizers – Ben Folds 2018 vocal engineer (recording of list of names) – Marco Benevento WE WILL REMEMBER #NeverAgain please donate to: gofundme.com/8psm8-march-for-our-lives