May 7th, 2015


hola comrades!!! here it is, for all to enjoy…the FULL edited/cleaned-up webcast from the dresden dolls free show april 18th, 2015 – at rough trade east in williamsburg, NYC, for record store day. this filming/webcast would NOT have existed without the patrons over at waving us down the DAY before the show and asking if they could pay for a webcast to happen – so a huge-ass special thank you to all you guys for footing the bill so that we could do this show, get paid, pay the crew, and have it preserved forever! LIFE IS WONDERFUL. if you want to join the patreon, please do, it’s bringing our community together really beautifully. and thanks to nick from fame house, eric, superkate, chris from streaming tank, the folks at funkadelic NYC for the rehearsal space, and the rest of our team for being so awesome and making this all happen! SET LIST: sex changes (from “yes, virginia”) Ultima Esperanza (from “no, virginia”) Mandy goes to Med school (from “yes, virginia”) lonesome organist rapes page turner (from “no, virginia”) half jack (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut) war pigs (black sabbath cover) coin operated boy (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut) sing (from “yes, virginia”) girl anachronism (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut) LONG LIVE THE PUNK CABARET!!!!!!! credits: shot and streamed by streaming tank ( edited by fame house (