October 31st, 2016


a special treat for you on halloween…here’s a stop-animated version of “wynken blynken and nod”… with special thanks to the generous folks at https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer who funded this collaboration. CREDITS: Directed, designed, animated, by Chiara Ambrosio with the invaluable help of Mikey Kirkpatrick with many thanks to Kim in Hudson and special thanks to SuperKate for all her help – from chiara: “It had been a few years since I directed the “Evelyn Evelyn” animated video, and when Amanda sent me the recording of “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” with her dad, I was immediately transported to the charmed space of childhood, where dreams and nightmares mingle, where curiosity, tenderness, fear and wonder all collide to transform and enchant the world. My short animation became a journey through these spaces: the mercurial landscapes of childhood, the familiar corners of home magnified, subverted and transformed into mysterious new lands through the lens of the imagination. A paper moon, a match-box vessel, a paintbrush forest, a mythical land of milk and glass, a painted bedroom jungle! Combining analogue, handmade animation techniques- drawing, cut-out, stop-motion, and life-size painting- Wynken, Blynken and Nod escape the pages of the book that contains them and become the surreal and bizarre embodiment of a child on an intimate quest to conquer his own vision. The film follows full circle and ends where it begins, but, as in the best of stories, nothing will ever be the same again!” Website: http://acuriousroom.com Twitter: @ChiaraAmbrosio Instagram: @asfarastheeyecantrave