Amanda Palmer – Beds Are Burning Live Videos

we hired a small, pro film crew to capture the footage of me doing this solo/ audience singalong of  ”beds are burning” at hamer hall in melbourne (this was jan 22nd)….. but the film clip became a seedling afterthought…the fetal roadmap to where we wound up, with a whole 8-song record with fancy collaborators. time rolled on, and, well, we have FIVE DIFFERENT CLIPS of the song solo, in total…. patrons can read more on Patreon.

Amanda Palmer – An Entire Theater Gives an Artist a Hug

it was our divine luck to have a portuguese film crew in the house the night of the braga show. especially one who understood how to connect the dots of life and art. who knew?

i never in a million years would have imagined that THIS was what the result of my night in portugal would be….but there you go. the film only uses the first third of the song i wrote (which i called “bitter”). read the whole backstory and making of this film on patreon.

Amanda Palmer – Star of Wonder

here’s a surprise present i made for you, with a stitched-together-star-gift of love. long story short: we made this video using a little selection of your hundreds and hundreds of photos from all over the world. i got this idea while i was standing out in the back of our flat in london about a month ago, and it’s one of those beautiful only-with-patreon stories. read more on my patreon here.

Amanda Palmer – The Mushroom Hunters

neil gaiman is tricky and weird. i’d been thinking about doing more animation projects for the patreon, and i thought this might be the perfect one to try, given how visual the subject was. i want to remind you that this is where your patron money goes….to pay this whole, huge team of animators, artists, filmmakers, musicians and engineers. read more about the process on my patreon.

Amanda Palmer – The French Brexit Song

at the london patron pub gig at the end of august, i saw my dear friend maxim play this very hilarious song that was written by HIS cabaret friend sarah-louise (who wasn’t there). i said “we should record that and make a ridiculous video!!” because patreon, we could, and we did.

it’s called THE FRENCH BREXIT SONG. read more on my patreon.

Amanda Palmer – The “Drowning in the Sound” Music Video Documentary

one of the things i’ve decided to do is basically make a documentary of every video we put out, especially if it’s a larger production. this one’s about 20 minutes long and includes interviews (with me, coco and pope), footage of rehearsals in NYC, and tons of really fascinating stuff about the process of making a video so….ahem….WET. i’ve watched it four times now and i’m still not bored. read more on my patreon.



Produced by The Media Darlings
Directed, Photographed and Edited by James Holland
Additional Photography by Hayley Rosenblum

Amanda Palmer – Everybody Knows Somebody

after the news about el paso and dayton happening back-to-back, i was just like…fuck. there’s a mass shooting MORE THAN ONCE A DAY in my country. at the rate we’re going…won’t almost every town, every person, eventually, be affected? won’t the pain go fully viral?

i got an idea for a song. it’s called “EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY”. read more about it on my patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer – Drowning in the Sound (The Music Video)

this is the most ambitious (and expensive) video i have made in years. michael pope and coco karol and i sat down for the first meetings about six months ago.

we wanted the video to be not literal, but a feeling…a feeling that we all three of us saw in our heads. about flailing. about power and control. about drowning. we filled pages and pages with our writing-ideas….

this was the fun part. read the full backstory here.

Amanda Palmer – The Voicemail For Jill Documentary

a video like Voicemail For Jill was a meta-video. we made a video, yeah. but we also created an incredibly important moment in time for the people in that room. including me. art heals. you’ll see what i mean when you watch the documentary. read more about it HERE.

Amanda Palmer – SXSW Crowd-Edit

SO…..this SXSW documentary rough cut is an official THING. patrons can read more about it and help me CROWD-EDIT THIS DOCUMENTARY on patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer – Voicemail For Jill (Official Music Video)

i’ve said it before, when the song came out…..making a song about abortion is hard, and making a video for that song was even harder.

but i knew what it had to be, and what it had to make you feel…if it worked. i think we made it work. i know it worked for me, because i cry every time i watch this video, and i’ve now seen it 20 times.

read more about the making of the video on my patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer – Sometimes, Up on the Box

i collaborated with some INSANELY TALENTED artists on a beautiful 5-minute animation….pulled from a clip of my narration in “art of asking” audiobook. this is a story about something that happened to me when i was 23 and working as a street performer. animation is by Creative Connection Animation Studio in Bristol UK, with art by Caroline Rudge, produced by Alexandra Becker, and editing by Dann Casswell. read the official Thing post HERE.

Amanda Palmer & Andrew O’Neill – Anti-Ukulele Anthem (Official Video)


especially if you’re in america, i figured this is perfect timing for this Thing. it’s getting cold and shitty and everyone’s getting depressed and the midterm fever is over and everybody is just slogging through the slog of life and trying to survive and what better moment to hit you with


read the full backstory and the making of the video on my patreon HERE.

Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley – Electric Blanket (Official Music Video)

i hope you already got a chance to listen to the track itself…everyone i’ve played it for seems to think it’s as warm and cozy and dark as i do. :)

in these dark times, i like to think that nothing’s a coincidence.

this song was about being cold, then it was maybe about suicide, and now the video has made it about….something else entirely.

and just in time for halloween. read the full backstory and watch the video on my patreon HERE.


“Electric Blanket”
Director: Hoku Uchiyama
Executive Producers:  Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley and Matt Miller
Producer:  Mia Schulman
Director of Photography:  Ken Wales
Swing Grip and Electric:  Melissa Libertelli
Art Director:  Hannah Elder
Puppeteers:  Kindred Gottlieb, Jason Webley, Miranda Riddle, Nicole Kendall Scott, Anna Mkhikian
Production Assistants:  Thomas Cross, Neha Nagra
VFX Artist/Puppet Design:  Hoku Uchiyama
Puppeteer Consultant/Additional VFX:  Adam Bolt
Hair/Makeup Artist:  Miranda Riddle
Additional VFX:  Chris Clements
Blanket R&D and Construction:  Melissa Malandrakis
Additional Blanket Construction:  Stephani Lewis
Animal Handler:  Elena Woodhead
Colorist:  Tory Harder
Production Company:  Vanishing Angle

CAST (in order of appearance):
Nick Hunter
Audrey Salas
Abraham Jurado
Max the dog
Jazz Elise
Miko Simons
Brent Myerson
Sam Hengesbach
Sid Baumgartner
EvaMarie Baumgartner
Iskandaryan Sergey
Vernisa Allen
Mia Schulman
Jakob Berger
Emily Hinkler
Laika the dog
Mary Poffenroth
Jeff Harms
Jessica Lucarelli
Rachael Singer
Marylin Hunter
Adam Pineless
Thomas Cross
Sky Siegel

Music by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
(C)2018 Eight Foot Music (ASCAP) and Music That Tears Itself Apart (SESAC)
Amanda Palmer: Vocals

Jason Webley: Vocals, guitar, bells, accordion
Ethan Schmidt: Upright bass
Additional vocals: Chris Poage, Walt McClements, Kate Copeland, Jeff Harms, Casey Long, Katelyn, Shook and Laurie Shook
Basic tracks engineered by Mike Napolitano in New Orleans, LA
Mixing and additional recording by Jason Webley
Mastered by Jherek Bischoff

Special thanks to: Johnny Fraser, Rina Shkrabova, Galia Mkhikian, Joel Kenyon, Scott Jones, Alexander Rojas, Natalie Metzger, Bob Allaire, Pat Mars, Shane Willis, Danny Madden, Kristen Uno, Josh Kaufman, Chris Poage, Sarah Schmidt, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary, Kurt Kuenne, Mari Walker, Ani DiFranco, Michael McComiskey, Hayley Rosenblum, Jordan Verzar, Nick Rizzuto, Lilit Bakery & Cafe, M&W Liquors, Elite Property Management, and the accommodating folks at Malmart.

Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power – Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now (Official Video)

there is no marketing department, people. it’s just us. please share this video with those who need to see it.

directed and choreographed by noemie lafrance. produced by natalie galazka.

over 60 women – cast and crew – were instrumental in the creation of this video. i wrote a massive blog about the origin of the song and the process of making it over at:

this track and video was funded independently by over 11,000 people contributing to my patreon page. please join so we can continue to build this revolution of non-commercial art.

you can stream/download the track and read the lyrics on bandcamp: 100% of digital proceeds are going to the Time’s Up Now legal defense fund,…




Ching-I Chan
Alison Clancy
Natalie Deryn Johnson
Melanie Greene
Jil Guyon
Celeste Hastings
Kenya Joy Gibson
Dages Juvelier Keates
Coco Karol
Ronell Kit
Adi Or Kfir
Hanna-Lee Sakakibara
Seana Steele
Sarah Wollschlager

Chorus Performers:
Giada Maria Aracri
Alicia Aswat
EJ Baker
Lily Balatincz
Heather Banieviiz
Aleda Bliss
Alexandria Boddie
Delaine Dobbs
Mickie Garcia
Oihana Garde
Ariel Guidry
Amy Hope
Sylvie Sims-Fletcher
Lindsay Katt
Mariah Katz
Jasmine Vivian Knight
Olivia Lopez
Rebecca Odorisio
Amanda Palmer
Vie Paula
Rosalie Perez
Jasmine Power
Miriam Pultro
Manasvi Sridhar
Heather Stevenson
Alexi Tasanaprasert
Elana Tee
Melanie Testa
Olivia TuPartie
Ania Upstill
Alex Woodhouse


Director – Noemie Lafrance
Producer – Natalie Galazka
Director of Photography – Michael Belcher
Editor – Kara Blake
Art Director – Delaney Rath
Make-Up – Stacy Skinner
Hair – Gerald Decock
Wardrobe – Ashlee Muhammed
Steadicam – Lisa Sene
1st AD – Anna Swando
2nd AD – Ashleigh Bell
Camera Assistants – Steven Tong & Jack Baldwin
Gaffer – Alexa Harris
Colorist – Francis Hanneman
Art Assistant – Jess Costa
Make-Up Assistant – Aja Allen
Hair Assistant – Lily Scheff
Production Assistants – Jes Norris, Edwin Villanueva, & India Sebastian

Artist Management – Michael McComiskey, Hayley Rosenblum, & Jordan Verzar

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel – Pulp Fiction (Official Music Video)

it’s TIME TO ART IT UP. this triple-threat THINGING has been cooking for a long time (over a year) and i am so so proud to finally serve it to you on a psychedelic spinning platter.

this is a THREE-PART ART-MEAL!!!!

1) a new improved mix of the song “pulp fiction”
2) a beautiful animated video by artist david mack
3) a patreon-exclusive short story by lauren beukes (to be sent in a different post/email)

i love the story behind this whole jam, especially because it’s a real testament to the unlimited creative possibilities of having a patreon. read the full backstory HERE.

Bride-Tripping: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

surprise, my loves. i’ve been working on this project for over two years, and it’s finally ready.

it’s a short film culled from about 25 hours of footage taken all across america on a hi-8 camera by my friend alina simone, when we were in our early twenties. the older i get, the less i take this shoebox of footage for granted. it caught something usually uncatchable: a brutally honest portrait of the artist as a young man (woman, bride, whatever).

read the full backstory, credits and more, here.


Amanda Palmer – Strength Through Music 2018


the original video for “Strength Through Music”, which was on my first solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, was shot on location at and featuring students from Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA. we filmed it back in 2008 as a response to the mass shootings at columbine high school. people were shocked and horrified at columbine, and gun laws didn’t change. newtown happened, and laws didn’t change. since then, school shootings have become regular. commonplace. part of “life”. there is a school shooting in the US ALMOST EVERY DAY. it’s got to stop. we made this new version of the song and video, featuring the names of those murdered at marjory stone man douglas high school – and newtown elementary, and columbine high school – as a response to this ongoing insanity. the thousands of dollars that this remix will earn on my patreon page will all be donated to March For Our Lives ( which is taking place on march 24th, and the song is also available on bandcamp for $1 – all of that money will be donated to the march as well. i hope it helps. we have had enough. #NeverAgain

shot, cut & directed by Michael Pope
produced by BriAnna Olson

music and lyrics by Amanda Palmer, from “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”
produced by Ben Folds
engineered and mixed by Joe Costa
piano and vocals – Amanda Palmer
synthesizers – Ben Folds
2018 vocal engineer (recording of list of names) – Marco Benevento



please donate to:

Amanda Palmer – Judy Blume

it’s judy blume’s 80th birthday and i have a brand new awesomesauce video and essay up today on the huffington post.

this is jason’s directorial debut for another artist and i think he KILLED IT. a local new orleans filmmaker, sean o’grady, also came on super-last minute and did a stupendous job with a fantastic local crew (on almost no notice).

JUDY BUME OVERLOAD. but that’s okay. it’s her goddamn 80th birthday and why not. so you get to watch…and read.


Amanda Palmer – The Mess Inside

some of you may have noticed on The Social Media that i was part of a podcast series last week called “I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats” with Welcome To Nightvale’s joseph fink and john darnielle (who is the gorgeous songwriting force that is The Mountain Goats). i covered a song called “The Mess Inside”. there’s an official video. read more about the making of the video HERE

ANNUNCIATIONS: Offline in Cuba – by Juan Carlos Zaldivar & Amanda Palmer


this is an odd one; a documentary(ish) about the trip that i took last christmas (2016) to cuba with jason webley, jherek and mayumi. the trip was a shot in the dark…i barely knew anybody down there, and through various connections through TED (mostly through meeting andrés levin, an artist who helped me out on the ground with just about everything), i flew down and made a lot of shit up as i went along. we played a show with an all-female string ensemble named camerata romeu, we made a bizarre music video with a ton of cuban artists using my patreon funding, and we explored what was happening.

for the full backstory, cast, crew credits and more, go to:

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Live at Union Chapel


 this was webcasted LIVE from Union Chapel on november 16th featuring jherek bischoff, plus a quartet! this show was immensely powerful: it felt like a perfect culmination of all the Things this year. jherek and i did some newly-arranged and live material we’ve never tried before. the feeling in the room was warm as warm can be and the audio and visual quality is IMPECCABLE!! patrons can view the full webcast HERE.

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – Mother

November, 2017. this video is dedicated to the current administration.

original song by pink floyd. performed by mother amanda palmer. directed by mother jordan rathus. arranged and conducted by honorary mother jherek bischoff.

for all song download/streaming information, cast, crew credits and backstory, go to:

Amanda Palmer – In Harm’s Way [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

while the headlines blare on about the distractions du jour, we are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement **on record**. an unprecedented 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. among them are nearly 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. this past spring of 2017, i traveled to lesvos, greece, where i worked with a small NGO and saw the continual plight of families and children living in limbo with a scarcity of help and resources while the world marches on without paying attention.

meanwhile, i worked on this song recorded in tasmania, australia, with generous assistance from the MONA museum and began an brainstorm and partnership with the spanish performance artist abel azcona. we recruited dozens of volunteers from across spain, france, the UK and elsewhere in europe to take part in the performance. these volunteers weren’t professional actors, they simply answered our call and wanted to loan their time and hearts to this cause. the video was filmed on location in tarragona, spain. we cannot thank the volunteers enough for their travel, time and generosity in making this clip.

the entire film crew and all the production costs were funded/backed by my 11,000 patrons. without them, nothing. if you’d like to join our tribe and help us make more art all around the world, join here:

read the full backstory & lyrics here:

please download the song here on bandcamp;…

ALL digital proceeds until Nov 30th will go to, a small dutch NGO that helps feed, clothe and assist refugees landing and living on the island of lesvos, greece.


song – amanda palmer
direction & performance art – abel azcona
video art – abel azcona with the special collaboration of cameras and edition team: polarizador estudio; kiko prado, carlos coronado

photography abel azcona with the special collaboration of cameras and edition team: polarizador estudio; kiko prado, carlos coronado

syrian actors – sally el boukhari + kaoutar el boukhari

artist assistants – sara berga + anna crespo
video & photography assistant – alba rodriguez
hair & makeup – amanda ariza


neyse cunha
daniel zacarias
andreas wiesner
carole morillon
emilio josé miras
jacqueline pingaron
laura cano
mar linares
nuria rodriguez
sthéfane de souza
maría alemana
rubén tejedor
judith esteban
jon de los arcos
alexander knight
jana hlinkova
una crecido
ricardo de pascual
sabrina rodríguez
yvette tarango
mara haro
isam alegre
janel tornington
pol vives
felix marques
mª laia velázquez
nerea galván
carlos carcía
electra tremulis
nora haddad
sara requena
anastacia narrajos
maría belén martínez
pirran adima
cristina lorca
judith rodríguez
sergio robla
zloicu sarah
sarah zwicky
philippe zwicky
aimee van vliet
nuria peña
nuria correa
ella mattalia
aino julia lópez
marta vilaseca
abel azcona
dime crespo
shari franky
lolymar sierra
eloy delêz
marian garcía
sergio robla
marta falcón
gabriel robla
sofía robla
anna soriano
carole morillon
vanessa navarro
silvia navarro
iván martinez
lara nuzzo
amanda ariza

Amanda Palmer – Grown Man Cry [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

the official video for Grown Man Cry, directed by australian director Steven Mitchell Wright (The Danger Ensemble). made RETROACTIVELY THANKS TO THE BEAUTY OF PATREON….
this video was powered and paid for by a community of over 11,000 people. if you’re one of them: THANK YOU! WE MADE A THING. if you aren’t, we would love you to join our art-family HERE:

read the entire story behind the video, including a note from the director, HERE:

grown man cry appears on the kickstartered-album Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra: Theatre Is Evil which you can download for FREE/pay-what-you-want on bandcamp:….

Music, piano, lyrics, vocals: Amanda Palmer.
Guitar and Synths: Chad Raines.
Drums & Programming: Michael McQuilken.
Bass: Jherek Bischoff.

Video Credits:
Directed and Designed by Steven Mitchell Wright
Shot and Edited by Andy Green
Costumes by Arnavaz Lindsay and Steven Mitchell Wright
Lighting by Ben Hughes
Featuring: Chris Beckey, Joshua Brandon, Nicole Harvey, Jack Hutchison, Thomas Hutchins, Jo Loth, Cienda McNamara, Elle Mickel, Shynae Ryder, Lucinda Shaw, Peta Ward and Bridget Webb
Assistant Director: Damian Tatum
Stage/Set Management: Jeremy Gordon and Tamika McDonald
Assistant Camera Operator: Dion Smith-Phasey
Associate Producer: Bri Zammit
Executive Producer: Eloise Grace

Special thanks to Simon Tate and Katie Fletcher.

amanda palmer:
steven mitchell wright:

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel LIVE in LONDON

recorded live for webcast at the legendary HEAVEN nightclub in london on june 13, 2017 during the “i can spin a rainbow” world tour.

Amanda joined Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, to co-write an entire record of songs from scratch in the summer of 2016. For the streams/downloads and story behind the album, go to

Amanda’s Bandcamp:

Edward/Legendary Pink Dots’ Bandcamp:

Patrick’s Bandcamp:

this webcast & video was powered and paid for by over 11,000 patrons, you can join our art-family HERE:


Amanda Palmer: Vocals & keys
Edward Ka-Spel: Vocals, Keys & Electronics
Patrick Q. Wright: Violin
Joep Hendrikx: Live Sound & Live Audio Recording
Audio Mix by Petra Randewijk & Joep Hendrikx at Studio in the Nude
Vision Edits by Phil Andrews at Streaming Tank

Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel – The Clock At The Back Of The Cage

This video was powered & paid for by over 9,300 patrons….please join our art-family at:

Song Written by Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel. The new album, “I Can Spin A Rainbow” is OUT May 5th, 2017.

Read the enitre backstory of this video (and order the album on CD/LP) here:


Directed by: Christy Louise Flaws, Chris Bennett, & Luke O’Connor
Cinematography: Chris Bennett
Performed by: Christy Louise Flaws & Luke O’Connor
Artistic assistants: Amanda Sabo, Helen Turton, Ollie Versteegen
Christy Louise Flaws & Luke O’Connor are:
Chris Bennett is:

Special Thanks to Dan Rabin at for the use of his venue, to Jens Altheimer for the use of his equipment, to Tim Elliott for behind the scenes photography, to Tim Elliott and Lauren Cruickshank for props and assistance, to all the people who donated clothes and fabric, and to Deborah James and Robert Murray for baby wrangling. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka Spel – Beyond the Beach

This video was powered by patreon!

Written by Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel. Their new album, I Can Spin A Rainbow, is OUT May 5th, 2017.

Read the backstory here:…

Directed by Chiara Ambrosio “”
Puppeteer: Mikey Kirkpatrick
Lighting: Julius Beltrame
Set and puppet design and construction: Chiara Ambrosio
Shot on location at The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, London



this song is based on a poem by margaret rucker, who was an obscure poet from everett, washington, and who was
discovered in the bottom of a dumpster by chicken jon and brought to life by jason webley in his kickstarter project “margaret”.

read the entire story here:



Co-directed by Julie Atlas Muz and Karl Giant
Edited by Michael McQuilken


Amanda Palmer with Pamela Enz
Daphne Sumtimez
Julie Atlas Muz
Lola RocknRolla

Nails by Jenny PierceSpecial Thanks Super Kate, Autumn Costner, Basil Twist & Tommy Ho
VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the Seahorse Swim Club and the Metropolitan Bar

AMANDA PALMER – THE ANGEL GABRIEL (postcard from havana)

a video postcard from havana, december 24th, 2016. This video production was made with funds from 9,000+ patrons.

THANK YOU TO ALL YOU PATRONS…i mean, look at this. using your patronage, we employed about 50 local havana artists, actors, painters, costume designers, dancers and film crew to make this, and we also filmed a ton of behind the scenes and we’re currently doing interviews with a ton of these (and other) havana locals…we’ll release that documentary soon. if you want to become part of this amazing art family and support more work, we would LOVE TO HAVE YOU. join at:



Havana, Cuba
December, 2016

This project, which brought together over 50 Cuban and American crew and visual/performing/costume artists, was made possible through direct patronage from over 9,000 people.

To my patrons: THANK YOU. To everyone else: please consider joining us so we can keep making All The Things together forever.


Conceived by Amanda Palmer & Andres Levin
Directed by Andres Levin with Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer

Produced by Andres Levin/Habanico/Music Has No Enemies


“The Angel Gabriel” – Traditional Basque Carol, Paraphrased by Sabine Baring Gould. Setting: Edgar Pettman.
Recorded by Amanda Palmer at Mad Oak Studio, Allston, MA.
Engineer: Benny Grotto.


Film Crew:

Production Coordinator – Verónica de la Torre

Director of Photography – Tousaint Avila
Editor – Joaquin Portocarero
Costume designer – Celia Ledón
Art Direction – Andres Levin
Hair and Makeup – Rogelio Conde

Production Assistants – Roque Carlos
Nuñez Astorga
Anaylin Sanchez
Israel Buergo
William Ulises Gascon
Camera Assistant – Douglas Fernandez
Assistant to Painter – Carlos Jimenez
Assistant to the Queen – Julio Alcala
Drivers – Jose Gandul
Jose A. Soto
Making Of – Juan Carlos Zaldivar



Jesus – Andros Perugorria
The Angel Gabriel – Roxana Macia
The Man – Jose Alvarez Calero
The Kids – Jorge Nonell
Maria Fernanda Gavilan

The Queen – Juan Felipe Sanchez
Amanda Palmer (as herself)
The Archangel – Guadalupe Blazquez
Jean D’Arc – Justine Marzack

The Tourists – Laura Sanford
Chris Beuscher
Anna & Ingrid Mattinger – (as themselves)
Tatoo Women – Mercedes Ciria

The Musicians – Jason Webley (as himself)
Jherek Bischoff & Mayumi Heider (as themselves)

The Dancers –Zeleidy Crespo
Raul Reinoso
Yasser Dominguez
(courtesy of Acosta Dance Company)

The Painter – Alejandro Pińieiro

…and a special appearance by Ash (as The Baby)

The finished painting will be available soon announcing further art-driven collaborations with Cuba…stay tuned.

Special thanks to Neil Gaiman, Livia _____ Hugh Howey, Maria our AirBNB hostess, Nick & Courtney at Fame House, and Superkate, Bill H & Hayley at AFP central.


Happy Holidays, World.

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman – “Democracy” (Leonard Cohen)


“Democracy” by the late and great Leonard Cohen, played on piano by Amanda Palmer, words by Neil Gaiman.

This project was funded by 9,408 people on

Limited prints of this original artwork by Vladimir Zimakov, with *all proceeds* benefitting PEN america (an organization that defends and protects the rights writers and journalists, sorely needed in the upcoming era of Trump) available



artwork by vladimir zimakov (
written by leonard cohenamanda palmer – piano

neil gaiman – vocals
recorded by patrick o’leary at john marshall media studio in new york city.

amanda palmer – piano
recorded by prasanna bishop at akashic studio in boulder, colorado

etienne abelin – violin
ola sendecki – violin
david schnee – viola
lukas raaflaub – cello

recorded by benjamin gut at idee und klang studio in basel, switzerland
arranged, mixed and mastered by jherek bischoff


a special treat for you on halloween…here’s a stop-animated version of “wynken blynken and nod”…
with special thanks to the generous folks at who funded this collaboration.


Directed, designed, animated, by Chiara Ambrosio
with the invaluable help of Mikey Kirkpatrick
with many thanks to Kim in Hudson
and special thanks to SuperKate for all her help

from chiara:

“It had been a few years since I directed the “Evelyn Evelyn” animated video, and when Amanda sent me the recording of “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” with her dad, I was immediately transported to the charmed space of childhood, where dreams and nightmares mingle, where curiosity, tenderness, fear and wonder all collide to transform and enchant the world.

My short animation became a journey through these spaces: the mercurial landscapes of childhood, the familiar corners of home magnified, subverted and transformed into mysterious new lands through the lens of the imagination.

A paper moon, a match-box vessel, a paintbrush forest, a mythical land of milk and glass, a painted bedroom jungle!

Combining analogue, handmade animation techniques- drawing, cut-out, stop-motion, and life-size painting- Wynken, Blynken and Nod escape the pages of the book that contains them and become the surreal and bizarre embodiment of a child on an intimate quest to conquer his own vision.

The film follows full circle and ends where it begins, but, as in the best of stories, nothing will ever be the same again!”

Twitter: @ChiaraAmbrosio
Instagram: @asfarastheeyecantrave


read the whole story about this video, and see some behind the scenes shots HERE:

video concept by amanda palmer, art & costume direction by nicholas kahn, jim batt and kim boekbinder behind the camera!!!
shot over one, long, beautiful and crazy night in upstate new york with a little help from our friends jason webley and the cast from “welcome to night vale”.
no babies were given any sedatives for the shooting of this video.

this video was funded by the good people of! thank you so much, my patrons!!!!!

Directed by: Jim Batt and Kim Boekbinder
Art Direction: Nicholas Kahn

Cast and Crew:

Amanda Palmer
Anthony Gaiman
Brett Knott
Jason Webley
Joseph Fink
Meg Bashwiner
Jeffrey Cranor
Jillian Sweeney
Vera Vinot
Sid Khalsa
Maddy Gaiman
Justine Marzack
Shelton Lindsey
Ron Senkow
Hugo Hito
Kimberley Ross
Aleihla Crossan
Nua Araki
Zachary Rutledge
Georgia Marshall
Josephine Marshall

Jack & Amanda Palmer – In The Heat of The Summer (Phil Ochs)

this cover (originally by Phil Ochs) was included on the folk-y covers album i made with my dad, Jack Palmer: “You Got Me Singing”.
the song was originally written after the harlem riots of 1964. my dad, who also re-wrote a few of the lyrics to the song, wrote a bit about it on Medium here:

…and the complete lyrics are on the project page:…

you can get the album for $1 here on bandcamp:…
and even better, you can join the patreon for $1 and up….and then follow this link for a free download code:

Photo of Philando Castile is via Lavish Reynolds/Facebook
Photo of Alton Sterling is via CNN

the making of YOU GOT ME SINGING – with Jack & Amanda Palmer

it is with extreme glee that i present ‘You Got Me Singing,’ which is my very first fully-patron-backed album. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home:

DAD RECORD DOCUMENTARY TIME. directed by none other than michael pope….who came and visited us in the studio while me and my dad made ‘You Got Me Singing’, a collection of cover songs (leonard cohen, sinead o’connor, richard thompson and many more). i wrote a deeper story (and its available on CD / vinyl and whichever service you use to purchase or listen to music) HERE:

michael pope:
dreamland studios:
cinematography – James Holland
2nd camera – Alex Palmer
editing – Somervell Pope

Laura (Bat for Lashes cover) – by Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean

Here I am again, thing in hand….and this one is quite personal and beautiful. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home:


Performed by Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean
“Laura” Written by: Natasha Khan, Justin Parker

Piano: Amanda Palmer
Vocals: Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean
Produced by Paul Mac

Video Directed and Edited by: Larry Heath
Cameras: Johnny Au and Larry Heath
Filmed in The Spiegeltent at Sydney Festival 2014

Photo: still from the film of “Laura” live at Sydney Festival 2014 by Larry Heath
Design: Brendan Maclean

A huge THANK YOU from me & Brendan to the 8,000 PATRONS on who funded this recording and are giving these artists a salary.
(And ….this is a good time to thank Brendan for being so patient (TWO YEARS) for this recording to finally surface. All Things in their own time.)

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – “Purple Rain”

i just released a cover of “purple rain”, with the added lyrics from the intro of “let’s go crazy”, with my brother Jherek Bischoff. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home:

Jherek Bischoff: string arranging, mixing, mastering.
Amanda Palmer: vocals

the team @ ELBO studios in LA:

the strings:
Serena McKinney – violin
Ben Ullery – viola
Alma Fernandez – viola
Jacob Braun – cello

in the studio:
Chris Fogel – engineer
John Witt Chapman – engineer
Ryan McClure – asst. engineer

the team @ future-past studio in hudson, NY:
Patrick Higgins – head engineer
Rudy Mingaray- assistant engineer

prince artwork: done on commission from the patreon by sarah beetson (

this project was made possible by over 8,000 people supporting the making of true independent art at
please join so that we can make more of the things we love.

all proceeds of this download (until further notice) will go to the ELEVATE HOPE FOUNDATION, a non-profit that provides therapy through music for abused and abandoned kids…supported by prince and founded by sheila e:

Jack & Amanda Palmer – “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” (art by David Mack)

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” written by the amazing Richard Thompson

Amanda Palmer – piano
Jack & Amanda Palmer – vocals

drawing & animation by David Mack (made from 250 separate paintings…):…
this video was funded by our 7,000+ patrons…THANK YOU GUYS.

from the covers collection “You Got Me Singing” by Jack & Amanda Palmer, available for pre-order NOW exclusively to my Patreon supporters. you can become a patron and access the pre-order for as little as $1 at

Album pre-order will be available on iTunes and Amazon starting may 16th!

you can also purchase / stream on:
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Jack & Amanda Palmer – “You Got Me Singing” tracklist:
1. You Got Me Singing (Leonard Cohen and Patrick Raymond Leonard)
2. Wynken, Blyken and Nod (Lucy and Carly Simon)
3. Again (Melanie Safka)
4. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard John Thompson)
5. Louise Was Not Half Bad (Tom T Hall, written by Paul Siebel)
6. Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O’Connor)
7. All I Could Do (Kimya Dawson)
8. In The Heat Of The Summer (Phil Ochs and Jack Palmer)
9. Pink Emerson Radio (Kathleen Edwards)
10. Skye Boat Song (Traditional)
11. Glacier (John William Grant and Thorarinsson Birgir)
12. I Love You So Much (Noah Britton)


“Behind the Trees” (a found voice memo animation)

animation by: Avi Ofer
assistant animators: Santi Amézqueta Porteros & Héctor Zafra Matos
music written & recorded by Amanda Palmer

read the entire backstory/blog about this project at:

this work was made possible by the amazing 5,000+ supporters at my patreon,
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thanks to maria popova for the connection to Logan Smalley and Gerta Xhelo at for leading me to avi!

and special thanks to Neil Gaiman for hearing this voice memo, laughing his head off, and
supporting the idea. may he come out from behind the trees someday, or at least have a fun party
convention with all the other Ones of Him




made possible by the patrons at


ANDREW O’NEILL ( - 00:20:20
THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY – (robert dwyer joyce cover) - 00:36:05
ASTRONAUT - 00:40:35
AMPERSAND - 00:46:28
JUMP - 00:56:45
MISSED ME - 01:09:18
VEGEMITE - 01:16:43
MAP OF TASMANIA - 01:22:31
special guest CAITLIN MORAN reads a letter to her daughter - 01:25:00
ALL I COULD DO – (kimya dawson cover) - 01:44:41
PREGNANT WOMAN ARE SMUG (w/ special guest Whitney Moses) – (garfunkel & oates cover) - 02:11:30
special guest Le Gateau Chocolat sings “i want to dance with somebody” – (whitney houston cover) - 02:18:14
DELILAH (w/ special guest Whitney Moses) - 02:25:40
THE BED SONG - 02:34:55
THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT – (smiths cover) - 02:48:22
LEEDS UNITED (w/ Perhaps Contraption) - 02:54:10

shot and streamed by streaming tank (
edited by fame house (


hola comrades!!! here it is, for all to enjoy…the FULL edited/cleaned-up webcast from the dresden dolls free show april 18th, 2015 – at rough trade east in williamsburg, NYC, for record store day.

this filming/webcast would NOT have existed without the patrons over at waving us down the DAY before the show and asking if they could pay for a webcast to happen – so a huge-ass special thank you to all you guys for footing the bill so that we could do this show, get paid, pay the crew, and have it preserved forever! LIFE IS WONDERFUL. if you want to join the patreon, please do, it’s bringing our community together really beautifully.

and thanks to nick from fame house, eric, superkate, chris from streaming tank, the folks at funkadelic NYC for the rehearsal space, and the rest of our team for being so awesome and making this all happen!

sex changes (from “yes, virginia”)
Ultima Esperanza (from “no, virginia”)
Mandy goes to Med school (from “yes, virginia”)
lonesome organist rapes page turner (from “no, virginia”)
half jack (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut)
war pigs (black sabbath cover)
coin operated boy (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut)
sing (from “yes, virginia”)
girl anachronism (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut)


shot and streamed by streaming tank (
edited by fame house (