Amanda Palmer – The Ninja TED Album

Ninja Ted Album cover 6-29-19

i was honestly not expecting to be as excited about the recording and flow quality as i am, but i just listened to the entire show and DAMMIT this record of this evening is a small masterpiece of sound, learning, laughter, and total straight-up weirdness. read more about the making of ninja ted on my… Read more »

Amanda Palmer & Laurie Penny in DC: A Legitimate Adventure


remember when i went to washington DC (with laurie penny as my date?) for the white house correspondents dinner? and the “NOT the white house correspondents dinner with samantha bee” the night before? REMEMBER HOW I TOLD YOU THAT WE WERE GOING TO MAKE AN AUDIO-DIARY/PODCAST OUT OF IT! well……WE DID!!!!!! read more about it… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – Empathy is Nothing


six years ago, a few days after the boston marathon bombing, i published a quickly-written post to my blog called “poem for dzhokhar”. it was meant to be a short stream-of-consciousness reflection for my small community of readers; then it was picked up by the outside world. the moment was painful. for a lot of… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – Voicemail For Jill


hi. i have a new song off THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION for you. i’ll just be really blunt. this is a song about abortion. in a way, i spent my whole adult life trying to write it. read the full background on the song HERE .   LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES if you can. here we go. stream the… Read more »