a special treat for you on halloween…here’s a stop-animated version of “wynken blynken and nod”…
with special thanks to the generous folks at https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer who funded this collaboration.


Directed, designed, animated, by Chiara Ambrosio
with the invaluable help of Mikey Kirkpatrick
with many thanks to Kim in Hudson
and special thanks to SuperKate for all her help

from chiara:

“It had been a few years since I directed the “Evelyn Evelyn” animated video, and when Amanda sent me the recording of “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” with her dad, I was immediately transported to the charmed space of childhood, where dreams and nightmares mingle, where curiosity, tenderness, fear and wonder all collide to transform and enchant the world.

My short animation became a journey through these spaces: the mercurial landscapes of childhood, the familiar corners of home magnified, subverted and transformed into mysterious new lands through the lens of the imagination.

A paper moon, a match-box vessel, a paintbrush forest, a mythical land of milk and glass, a painted bedroom jungle!

Combining analogue, handmade animation techniques- drawing, cut-out, stop-motion, and life-size painting- Wynken, Blynken and Nod escape the pages of the book that contains them and become the surreal and bizarre embodiment of a child on an intimate quest to conquer his own vision.

The film follows full circle and ends where it begins, but, as in the best of stories, nothing will ever be the same again!”

Website: http://acuriousroom.com
Twitter: @ChiaraAmbrosio
Instagram: @asfarastheeyecantrave


read the whole story about this video, and see some behind the scenes shots HERE: http://amandapalmer.net/wynken

video concept by amanda palmer, art & costume direction by nicholas kahn, jim batt and kim boekbinder behind the camera!!!
shot over one, long, beautiful and crazy night in upstate new york with a little help from our friends jason webley and the cast from “welcome to night vale”.
no babies were given any sedatives for the shooting of this video.

this video was funded by the good people of https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer! thank you so much, my patrons!!!!!

Directed by: Jim Batt and Kim Boekbinder
Art Direction: Nicholas Kahn

Cast and Crew:

Amanda Palmer
Anthony Gaiman
Brett Knott
Jason Webley
Joseph Fink
Meg Bashwiner
Jeffrey Cranor
Jillian Sweeney
Vera Vinot
Sid Khalsa
Maddy Gaiman
Justine Marzack
Shelton Lindsey
Ron Senkow
Hugo Hito
Kimberley Ross
Aleihla Crossan
Nua Araki
Zachary Rutledge
Georgia Marshall
Josephine Marshall

Jack & Amanda Palmer – In The Heat of The Summer (Phil Ochs)

this cover (originally by Phil Ochs) was included on the folk-y covers album i made with my dad, Jack Palmer: “You Got Me Singing”.
the song was originally written after the harlem riots of 1964. my dad, who also re-wrote a few of the lyrics to the song, wrote a bit about it on Medium here: http://bit.ly/2aZYFDv

…and the complete lyrics are on the project page: http://amandapalmer.net/intheheatofth…

you can get the album for $1 here on bandcamp: https://amandapalmer.bandcamp.com/alb…
and even better, you can join the patreon for $1 and up….and then follow this link for a free download code: http://bit.ly/2aFYgr5

Photo of Philando Castile is via Lavish Reynolds/Facebook
Photo of Alton Sterling is via CNN

the making of YOU GOT ME SINGING – with Jack & Amanda Palmer

it is with extreme glee that i present ‘You Got Me Singing,’ which is my very first fully-patron-backed album. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home: bit.ly/JAFP-YouGotMeSinging

DAD RECORD DOCUMENTARY TIME. directed by none other than michael pope….who came and visited us in the studio while me and my dad made ‘You Got Me Singing’, a collection of cover songs (leonard cohen, sinead o’connor, richard thompson and many more). i wrote a deeper story (and its available on CD / vinyl and whichever service you use to purchase or listen to music) HERE:

michael pope: https://vimeo.com/popecinema
dreamland studios: http://www.dreamlandrecording.com/
cinematography – James Holland
2nd camera – Alex Palmer
editing – Somervell Pope

Laura (Bat for Lashes cover) – by Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean

Here I am again, thing in hand….and this one is quite personal and beautiful. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home: http://bit.ly/AFPLaura


Performed by Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean
“Laura” Written by: Natasha Khan, Justin Parker

Piano: Amanda Palmer
Vocals: Amanda Palmer & Brendan Maclean
Produced by Paul Mac

Video Directed and Edited by: Larry Heath
Cameras: Johnny Au and Larry Heath
Filmed in The Spiegeltent at Sydney Festival 2014

Photo: still from the film of “Laura” live at Sydney Festival 2014 by Larry Heath
Design: Brendan Maclean

A huge THANK YOU from me & Brendan to the 8,000 PATRONS on https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer who funded this recording and are giving these artists a salary.
(And ….this is a good time to thank Brendan for being so patient (TWO YEARS) for this recording to finally surface. All Things in their own time.)

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff – “Purple Rain”

i just released a cover of “purple rain”, with the added lyrics from the intro of “let’s go crazy”, with my brother Jherek Bischoff. listen / read the whole back story on the official project page/home: http://bit.ly/AFPurpleRainpage

Jherek Bischoff: string arranging, mixing, mastering.
Amanda Palmer: vocals

the team @ ELBO studios in LA:

the strings:
Serena McKinney – violin
Ben Ullery – viola
Alma Fernandez – viola
Jacob Braun – cello

in the studio:
Chris Fogel – engineer
John Witt Chapman – engineer
Ryan McClure – asst. engineer

the team @ future-past studio in hudson, NY:
Patrick Higgins – head engineer
Rudy Mingaray- assistant engineer

prince artwork: done on commission from the patreon by sarah beetson (http://www.sarahbeetson.com/)

this project was made possible by over 8,000 people supporting the making of true independent art at https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer.
please join so that we can make more of the things we love.

all proceeds of this download (until further notice) will go to the ELEVATE HOPE FOUNDATION, a non-profit that provides therapy through music for abused and abandoned kids…supported by prince and founded by sheila e:

Jack & Amanda Palmer – “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” (art by David Mack)

“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” written by the amazing Richard Thompson

Amanda Palmer – piano
Jack & Amanda Palmer – vocals

drawing & animation by David Mack (made from 250 separate paintings…): https://www.facebook.com/David-Mack-2…
this video was funded by our 7,000+ patrons…THANK YOU GUYS.

from the covers collection “You Got Me Singing” by Jack & Amanda Palmer, available for pre-order NOW exclusively to my Patreon supporters. you can become a patron and access the pre-order for as little as $1 at http://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer

Album pre-order will be available on iTunes and Amazon starting may 16th!

you can also purchase / stream on:
Spotify: http://po.st/APvblSpot
iTunes: http://po.st/APvbliT
Amazon: http://po.st/APvblAmz
Google Play: http://po.st/APvblGP

Jack & Amanda Palmer – “You Got Me Singing” tracklist:
1. You Got Me Singing (Leonard Cohen and Patrick Raymond Leonard)
2. Wynken, Blyken and Nod (Lucy and Carly Simon)
3. Again (Melanie Safka)
4. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard John Thompson)
5. Louise Was Not Half Bad (Tom T Hall, written by Paul Siebel)
6. Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O’Connor)
7. All I Could Do (Kimya Dawson)
8. In The Heat Of The Summer (Phil Ochs and Jack Palmer)
9. Pink Emerson Radio (Kathleen Edwards)
10. Skye Boat Song (Traditional)
11. Glacier (John William Grant and Thorarinsson Birgir)
12. I Love You So Much (Noah Britton)


“Behind the Trees” (a found voice memo animation)

animation by: Avi Ofer http://www.aviofer.com/
assistant animators: Santi Amézqueta Porteros & Héctor Zafra Matos
music written & recorded by Amanda Palmer

read the entire backstory/blog about this project at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/3027423

this work was made possible by the amazing 5,000+ supporters at my patreon,
who are all pitching in as little as $1 to allow us to MAKE ALL THE THINGS!
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thanks to maria popova for the connection to Logan Smalley and Gerta Xhelo at TED.com for leading me to avi!

and special thanks to Neil Gaiman for hearing this voice memo, laughing his head off, and
supporting the idea. may he come out from behind the trees someday, or at least have a fun party
convention with all the other Ones of Him




made possible by the patrons at https://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer


PERHAPS CONTRAPTION (https://twitter.com/perhapscontrap) - 00:00:18
ANDREW O’NEILL (https://twitter.com/destructo9000) - 00:20:20
THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY – (robert dwyer joyce cover) - 00:36:05
ASTRONAUT - 00:40:35
AMPERSAND - 00:46:28
JUMP - 00:56:45
MISSED ME - 01:09:18
VEGEMITE - 01:16:43
MAP OF TASMANIA - 01:22:31
special guest CAITLIN MORAN reads a letter to her daughter - 01:25:00
ALL I COULD DO – (kimya dawson cover) - 01:44:41
PREGNANT WOMAN ARE SMUG (w/ special guest Whitney Moses) – (garfunkel & oates cover) - 02:11:30
special guest Le Gateau Chocolat sings “i want to dance with somebody” – (whitney houston cover) - 02:18:14
DELILAH (w/ special guest Whitney Moses) - 02:25:40
THE BED SONG - 02:34:55
THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT – (smiths cover) - 02:48:22
LEEDS UNITED (w/ Perhaps Contraption) - 02:54:10

shot and streamed by streaming tank (http://www.streamingtank.com)
edited by fame house (http://www.famehouse.net)


hola comrades!!! here it is, for all to enjoy…the FULL edited/cleaned-up webcast from the dresden dolls free show april 18th, 2015 – at rough trade east in williamsburg, NYC, for record store day.

this filming/webcast would NOT have existed without the patrons over at http://www.patreon.com/amandapalmer waving us down the DAY before the show and asking if they could pay for a webcast to happen – so a huge-ass special thank you to all you guys for footing the bill so that we could do this show, get paid, pay the crew, and have it preserved forever! LIFE IS WONDERFUL. if you want to join the patreon, please do, it’s bringing our community together really beautifully.

and thanks to nick from fame house, eric, superkate, chris from streaming tank, the folks at funkadelic NYC for the rehearsal space, and the rest of our team for being so awesome and making this all happen!

sex changes (from “yes, virginia”)
Ultima Esperanza (from “no, virginia”)
Mandy goes to Med school (from “yes, virginia”)
lonesome organist rapes page turner (from “no, virginia”)
half jack (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut)
war pigs (black sabbath cover)
coin operated boy (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut)
sing (from “yes, virginia”)
girl anachronism (from “the dresden dolls” self-titled debut)


shot and streamed by streaming tank (http://www.streamingtank.com)
edited by fame house (http://www.famehouse.net)