Amanda Palmer – There Will Be Some Introspection (Pt. 3)


hello dear ones. TL;DR….patreon-funded writer jack nicholls and photographer gabrielle motola’s third tour-reportage piece, published via medium, is now out. it’s called “the art of asking about abortion” and it’s here . it is about a thirty-minute read. the words and the photos are heartbreaking. it is based in ireland. read more on patreon .

Amanda Palmer – Beds Are Burning Live Videos


we hired a small, pro film crew to capture the footage of me doing this solo/ audience singalong of  ”beds are burning” at hamer hall in melbourne (this was jan 22nd)….. but the film clip became a seedling afterthought…the fetal roadmap to where we wound up, with a whole 8-song record with fancy collaborators. time rolled… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – The Mushroom Hunters


neil gaiman is tricky and weird. i’d been thinking about doing more animation projects for the patreon, and i thought this might be the perfect one to try, given how visual the subject was. i want to remind you that this is where your patron money goes….to pay this whole, huge team of animators, artists, filmmakers,… Read more »

Amanda Palmer – The French Brexit Song


at the london patron pub gig at the end of august, i saw my dear friend maxim play this very hilarious song that was written by HIS cabaret friend sarah-louise (who wasn’t there). i said “we should record that and make a ridiculous video!!” because patreon, we could, and we did. it’s called THE FRENCH… Read more »